Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How I Reacted Made Me Money When My 10-Year-Old Son Almost Made Me Late for a Meeting.

Who else knows the feeling of being halfway to the schools only to have to turn around with the following from your child, “Oh no!” I say, “What happened?” 
“I forgot my violin.”

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Running Streak Day 102 at Avalon Park and Found Cartas Al Cielo Letters to Heaven

Today, the boys wanted to hike, so I decided on a trail that I have not done in a while at a different section of Avalon Park.  We parked off of the Shep Jones Road and started to run on a semi-muddy root filled hilly path around the grounds.  We found this metallic sphere that seemed out of place in the park.   As we approached the 4 foot diameter sphere, there was a slot and it turned out to be an opening that we can drop a note to Heaven.

Cielo, the Spanish word for ‘sky,’ can also mean “heaven” or “paradise.” Alicia Framis’ Cartas al Cielo is a participatory sculpture that serves as a vessel of communication with those who have no earthbound address.

Park visitors are encouraged to send missives to those with no earthly address via this poetic postbox, and so we took the postcards that were provided and used the little pencils to write a letter.

It's always fun to run with the boys, and the adventures lead us to something new!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Running Streak Day 100 Up in Albany

Today, I celebrated my 100 day of my Running Streak in our State Capitol of New York right after a meeting for State University of New York Purchasing for the Medical Centers from around the State.  It was great to meet all of the Top Procurement Officers!  I ran around the top of the Empire State Plaza and around the Capital Building.

Help End Hunger at http://www.runwithnoah.com/p/streak-out-hunger.html

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Running Streak Day 88 at the Dog Park

Day 88 for the running streak, I decided the bring the dog to the dog park.  So I let the boys hand out with her in the fenced section, and I went out to get my mile in.  Came back and decided to walk back to the lake with everyone.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Running Streak Day 60 in a Blizzard to Streak Out Hunger for Island Harvest

Started the day with cleaning off the rest of the snow on the driveway, clear off Irene's car so she can go to work. Looks like we got about 15 inches total. Then cleared off my car so I can clear out my Dad's driveway, but when we got there, his neighbor helped him. We got some egg sandwiches, grab the sleds, dropped the boys off at the hill and I was going to join them after my run. The run was super slippery and I found Minnesauke Elementary School. Got a call about 16 minutes later, "My feet are too cold." Ran back to the car, and picked up the boys. No more sledding as per their request. Well, I will clear off my desk, put out some invites to my next event. Do some laundry. When Irene gets home do a 90 minute walk as per Coach Danielle. Stay warm and safe everyone!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Running Streak Day 59 in a Blizzard to Streak Out Hunger for Island Harvest

Our Mission to End Hunger continues to Day 59 of the Running Streak in 29 degree, 33 mph winds of NNE, 6-12 inches of snow Blizzard Weather!  We felt like Rocky in Rocky 4!

It took longer to get dressed!

Everyday millions of people go hungry, and today 300,000 neighbors on Long Island went hungry last night, some did not have heat.  So I want to reach out to you and build awareness around this issue and work to End Hunger!

Join the Team to #streakouthunger.  And yes, you can keep your clothes on!

Thanks for your Support! 

Stay Safe!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Running Streak Day 52 to Streak Out Hunger for Island Harvest

Today is Day 52 of the Running Streak.  Lately, Saturday's have been my day to get in more than a mile, because I drop my boys off at their Track Practice and I do my own run.  I really wish I could workout with them, but the space is limited, I gave up my spot for their teammates.

Today I zigzagged around the Stony Brook University Campus and planned on a 5 mile run.  Typically, I would run the outside loop, but I wanted to explore and towards the end of my run I found The Umbilic Torus.  It was created by sculptor and mathematician, Dr. Helaman Ferguson. I beleive the Scupture was commissioned by Jim and Marilyn Simons who established the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.   Jim Simons is know for Renaissance Technologies, a leading hedge fund located near the University.   

This Umblic Torus is an impressive 24 foot, 10 ton bronze sculpture sitting in the middle of the campus.  Unless you are a math or physics student, you would never know this thing was here.  My engineering background in me find it a fascinating object and should be seen.  I figure an episode of Doctor Who should be shot here!