Friday, August 12, 2011

Did I just knock down the old lady on my way to the finish line

Weaving through a bunch of walkers and runners, and all the huffing and puffing did not make the finish arrive any quicker. With my arms raised, I finally crossed the finish line for the Race to Cure Cystic Fibrosis. A few of the race volunteers started to yell, “Medic, Medic, Medic!”

Like an idiot, I looked at the volunteers and motioned that I did not need any medical assistance. While, I was winded and sweaty after running 4 miles in the 86-degree heat plus the 13 miles I did in the morning, I was fine. After a few more steps, I eventually gathered my senses. Looking over my right shoulder, I realized an older lady’s face was planted in the asphalt just a foot away before the finish line. Fortunately, several medics including one who was lying right next to her were tending her to. I am pretty sure that I did not knock her down or plow into her as I kicked my way to the finish. Or was it me? A few moments later, she eventually crosses the finish line embarrassed for tripping.

I immediately walked to the water station to rehydrate and grabbed several cups of water for Irene and my friends, Karen and Joanne. In fact, Joanne’s son lives with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF affects the body by producing abnormally thick mucus, which affects the lungs making it difficult to breath, and the pancreas, making it hard to breakdown and absorb nutrition from food.

A couple of minutes later, Joanne and Karen cross the finish line, with a couple more minutes, Irene finished her run. Irene actually did 9 miles in the morning for a total of 13 for the day!

The race started and ended near the Long Island Maritime Museum located on the south shore of Long Island in a quaint town called Sayville. The race coordinators provided a simple BBQ with a live Billy Joel cover band for entertainment. Irene and I grabbed our food and headed towards a couple of benches by Long Island’s Great South Bay. With blue skies above, I sat next to the love of my life, enjoying sausage and peppers and a hot dog, talking about the race with many of the neighbors leaving their sprinklers on or leaving the water to shower the streets to cool the runners as they past.

As I looked at small waves bobbing in the bay, I thought about what it would be like if I did not start running almost 4 years ago. In fact, I might be on the same path, as a classmate who just had a mini heart attack. Now I am training for my 6th full marathon that will be here in 2 months, and Irene will be doing her 3rd marathon. We are even P90X grads, which really helped us get in the best shape of our lives, and we are looking forward to doing P90X2!

Who would have thought, that Running Mentor, Fitness Coach, or RRCA Certified Running Coach would be added to my resume. Whenever someone asks, how much I have lost, I am like wow, when the words, “55 lbs” come out of my mouth. More importantly, I am proud to be a healthy role model for my family.

Well, if you would like a “Couch to 5K” program, complete a marathon for your bucket list, get fit, lose weight, be healthier, love life, want to live longer, play with your kids, or whatever your motivation, or need help getting motivated, please feel free to call me.

Paying it forward…my commitment to my family and friends is to make this world a healthier place for all of our kids can step into. Therefore I am donating $10.00 for every Beachbody Fitness Program or Shakeology Home Direct, who purchase it from . Not only will you get fit, you will be creating a healthier world.

In addition, my Beachbody Team holds a weekly Fit Club in the Dix Hills Area, and you are more than welcome to attend at no charge as my friend. You can find us at Dix Hills Park at 8am, weather permitted, and during the school year, usually on Tuesday evenings we workout at Commack Middle School. Please come out with your friends and family for some fun, and burn off some of that goo around your midsection.

Lean with your Heart!

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