Friday, February 20, 2015

Consider Renting a Home for your Next Race

As I plan out my racing, I find myself planning vacations around my race schedule.  I find that living in a hotel was fun, but I now enjoy renting homes near the race starts.

We started last year renting homes when I did the Timberman Half Ironman up at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH which was about a mile away from the start.  It was a nice condo which had a pool and a section where we can swim in open water.  Unfortunately the water was cold to be in the water for long.

This summer when we volunteer at Ironman Lake Placid we got another place.

I like that I more space for the kids be able to move around.   The kids are bigger and just take up more space!  I like that I can prep my own food.   And it's typically more cost effective.

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