Sunday, December 30, 2007


I hope all of you enjoyed are eating healthy.  Part of my Ultimate Reset Cleanse included this Squash.  My wife and I have never heard of this squash called Kabocha.

The following is from Wikipedia
Kabocha is hard, has knobbly-looking skin, is shaped like a squat pumpkin, and has a dull-finished, deep green skin with some celadon-to-white stripes and an intense yellow-orange color on the inside.

In many respects it is similar to the Buttercup squash, but without the characteristic cup on the blossom end. It is a member of the species Cucurbita maxima, along with the Hubbard and Buttercup squashes.

Some have said Acorn squash, a close call, however the Kabocha is the Japanese Variety.

Kobocha is rich in beta carotene, with iron, vitamin C, potassium, and smaller traces of calcium, folic acid, and minute amounts of B vitamins.

I baked the Kabocha squash with a Garlic-Tahini Sauce for Day 13 dinner and made a Coconut-Kabocha sqaush Soup for lunch the next day.

Now, drum roll.  The winner of the $25 Team Beachbody e-Gift Card who guessed Kobocha First was Natalie F!  Congrats Natalie!
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