Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ironman Training - 2 Hour Hilly Run - February 23, 2014

Today's Workout included an 1/2 hour swim, then a 2 hour run, then a core workout.  I started this morning with the swim at my gym that was reopened after the ceiling collapsed last week.

With the run, I decided to head towards Port Jefferson and tackle the hill on Broadway.  Typically the hill is closed when it snows because it is so steep.  Cars heading up can never make it up and cars going down end up sliding and hitting the car going.  Then usually another car comes of the top going down, never sees the accident up ahead, and we have a pile up.

Today was about 50 degrees and the snow was melting.  My son wanted to run, but I suggested riding his bike.  I told him the hills were going to be tough, so I reminded him to get off this bike and walk the bike up if he wanted to. 

It took about 4 miles before we reached to bottom of the hill.  We paused and drank some water.  Then up we went.  My heart rate maxed at 168 and I felt like stopping, and I kept on going.  As I reached the top, I turned to see where Zachary was, and he was about 100 yards away, and I jogged back down and took the bike so he could walk up.  We both reached the top and continued on our bike/run.

We did a lot of hills and Zachary did great!  I were still about 2 miles from home, and the clock reached the 2 hour limit and I decided to walk home.

What if your Child was Trapped on the 7th Floor?

Someone posed a question to me yesterday.  If your Child, Spouse, Parent, or Anyone you Loved was Trapped on the 7th Floor of a burning building, are you In Shape to go rescue them?  "That is a great question," I said.  

I know that if you asked me 7 years ago, I probably would have died trying, but the question was are you In Shape?  I definitely was not in shape to help anyone even though I thought I was.  My back hurt all the time, I couldn't be bothered with walking around the block.

Now, if that person asked me are you ready to run a burning building to save your kid or wife.  I can reply with a "Yes!"  

If you answered, "No, we probably both would have perished." Does it make sense to join my next Fitness Challenge?

If you answered, "Yes, we both will come out of the building."  Does it still make sense to be as strong and healthy as possible for any Challenge that faces you?  I recommend you invite others to be part of my next Fitness Challenge and be as strong and healthy, in case you need their assistance!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ironman Training - First Official Brick Workout for 2014 - February 22, 2014

Today, I get to do a BRICK!  A 40 minute Bike then a 35 minute Run.  To the left is my transition area.  It was a little chilly today, so I put my jacket to the right.  

I get to use the Multi-Sport function on my Garmin, which can keep track of my swim, bike and run statistics.  I started the multi-sport feature, and hit the lap button to get through the swim and transition 1 to get to the bike part.

My coach wanted me to keep my heart rate around 120-130, and I was having a hard time at 125-130, because I thought she said 125 to 135 as a warm up.  My cadence hovered around 90 for most of the ride.  

Today's thought was about contacts because I kept on wiping off the sweat and it was dripping all over my glasses.  If I got contacts now, I really need to get use to them so that I am prepared for my upcoming races.  Plus I can get any non prescription sunglasses.

As soon as I noticed 40:00, I hit the lap button on my Garmin and a little icon showed a little person going from the bike to a running person, and unmounted the watch and mounted it to my wrist.  It took me about 2.36 to get my running shoes on, switch shirts, put on my hat and jacket.  I hit the lap button again at the end of the driveway.  

It took about 15 minutes for my legs to lengthen my stride and I pushed hard even though I was to take it easy.   That is something I need to dial in so that I have enough energy to finish the race.  Ran around the University and back in a total of 35 minutes.

Off to do Family stuff with the kids now :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ironman Training - Selden Hills - February 16, 2014

The image to the left is a cut out from the exact words from my Training Peaks Workout of the Day provided by Coach Danielle Sullivan.  While I am usually the kind of guy who laces up and walks out the front door to get his run in, I decided to drive about 20 minutes to taking on the Official Selden Hills Training Route for first time. 

Several years back I did a race called Conquer the Hills 5K where you tackle only the biggest hills on Long
Island on Adirondack Dr and Berkshire Dr.   The Selden Hills Warrior Training Route starts on Middle Country Road in a shopping center that has a large retail section that has been empty for some time.  The run begins in the parking lot then turns south on Adirondack to warm you up for the bigger hills and eventually back north on Berkshire and Blue Point Road, for a great 10K run.

I drove up to the parking lot that had about 4 cars parked in the middle.  I noticed a couple take off and two guys twisting and warming up.  They were waiting around for someone, but I guess he eventually did not show up.  Another person drove up and parked next to me.   That prompted me to hop out as well.  I shook the their hands and introduced ourselves.  Seemed like they have done it many times and I must have looked like a "deer in headlights" rookie ready to do something that might be the coolest and stupidest thing to do on a wintery Sunday morning.  We eventually squeezed ourselves into a selfie on to Rich's Phone before taking off.    

We lined up on an imaginary start line in the ice patch and all of us raised our wrists to start our GPS watches.  For some reason, I thought it was funny.  We headed out of the parking lot and the other 3 people in the group started to create more and more distance between us.  They kept on stretching their lead.  I would crest over one hill and think that was it, and then I still see them climbing the next.  Then on the next hill, I could barely see them two hills away and I could see the peaks of a few more hills.  Eventually they were out of site.  So I was alone, which I am perfectly fine with. 

I prefer to focus on my Zen like moments not worrying about being too fast or too slow.  Actually I am a horrible running partner as my wife can tell you.  I usually zone out whenever I run with her, then she gets upset when I forget to turn around.  I will save that for another blog, but I probably have wrote about it in the past anyway. 

It took me about an hour and fifteen, which I was okay with.  A typical 10K for me is under an hour.  The conditions dictated otherwise and the extra 2 to 3 minutes per mile was fine with me.  It helped me stay light on my feet and it was an easy pace as per my Coach who wanted me to focus on time rather than go all out to prepare for an upcoming 50K.  In fact, if I ran faster, I would have been walking back to my truck limping and pissed off.

I passed many homeowners clearing their driveways with the sound of a single-stroke small engines purring in the background.  The smell of exhaust filled different pockets of air as I ran by a few homes.   As I headed up and down the hills I look for some crusty snow on the pavement to give me more traction, but I was still not sure if there was ice underneath to slip way.    Eventually, I reached the top of Adirondack where you find a giant radio tower located there.  My guess is that Marconi realized that was the best spot to place an antenna.

As I think about it, the flat parts of the course were the worse.  It seemed like the ice was solid and I slide a few times.  Rosemont was the worst of all the streets that resembled a giant ice skating rink!  In fact, that is where I caught up to the group, and they slipped and slided right past me. 

Berkshire was less dramatic but proved to be just as tough of a climb.  During one of the climbs, I noticed a yellow sign with the word HILL, and thinking that was funny to place that sign there, when there are at least 2 dozen hills in this neighborhood.

Eventually, I saw Middle Country Rd and the parking lot entrance on the right.  I crossed the street and dashed towards where I started.  The group that I started with was chatting away as I approached.  I paused for a moment to let them know that I still had to run for another half an hour.  And thanked each one for sticking around. 

As I headed out for another thirty minutes, I was really appreciative to Rich S. and Brian M. who never leave any Warriors behind.  It felt like an official stamp that I am now a Selden Hills Warrior.  It felt nice to know that others were worried about me as I posted that I was taking on the hills (Christina T and Kim D)

I figured 10 minutes out on to Adirondack, cut across one of the streets back to Blue Point Rd and back home.  As it turns out all the right turns on Adirondack ended up as dead ends, so I backtracked on and made a left on to Mooney Pond Rd then on to Blue Point Rd.

I found myself touching the light pole where I started for no particular reason, which was interesting because I found out that your run is not complete unless you touch the light pole as per a Facebook post exchange with Kim D.

What a great group to be part of and landscape to run on!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ironman Training - Surprise - My Favorite Run of 2014

Before heading out the garage, I searched for my running gloves and of course, I could not find them!  They must be visiting the missing sock land,  I opted to rummage and pillage the Basket of Orphaned Kids Socks, and found a pair of missed match socks to don over my hands for a make-shift mittens.   "Zachary, you want to run a little?" I asked.  He hesitated and then replied, "Sure."  However, he was focused on some game on the XBOX.  I smiled, sighed and didn't wait.  It will be just me and my thoughts for about a half an hour. I figured a slow jog around the Stony Brook University Stadium and back will take about that much time.  What I thought was going to be a simple 30 minute easy run turned out to be my Favorite Run so far in 2014. 

It's been a long time since I have run in the snow, that I forgot how cool it really is.  I was dreading the possibility falling on my butt with the light snow fall and the roads still slick from the melting and refreezing.  I make shorter strides than normal and plus my coach said to make it easy as I would be running for an hour and 45 minutes tomorrow. 

I've run this path at least a dozen times, and it was interesting to see the different imprints in the snow.  I noticed a few people dragging their feet.  Others looking like they were walking like ducks, typically for those who oversupinate.  (I  probably got that wrong)  About this time, my mind blanks out, and I focus on my breathing and effort, but I mind fell in and out of Zen like moments to recognizing the friction and frictionless footing under my feet.

As I returned towards the train station, I looked back and noticed someone else running, and I said to
myself, "That guy is just as crazy as I am for running."  As I slowed to make the turn into the parking lot, I realized that person in the red hoodie, was my son, Zachary.  I stopped and waited for him to run about 50 yards to meet up with me.  "Does Mom, know you came out?"  I asked.  "Yeah.. You didn't know I was behind you?  Every time you turned around, I hid behind the snow, like a Ninja.  Was I a Ninja?"  He said.  I laughed and replied, "Yes you are a Ninja, a Running Ninja!"

We ran back home, and I felt so lucky thinking that my son can always be my running partner.  No matter how many marathons or even upcoming Ironman events can ever top running with my wife or kids.  Again, I never thought lacing up a pair of running shoes would have such an effect on my family, the lives of the people I know and don't know.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Ironman Training - Conversations with My Sports Doctor

Besides the usually ailments, since I decided to start running.  Usually my hip, knee, and heel are the usual suspect.  But now that I have signed up for the Ironman Arizona, November 16, 2014.  I've been noticing a clicking to my right shoulder, because of the swimming.  It was time to visit a Sports Doctor and I decided to visit Dr. Ken Nuss.  Seems like he's been treating many athletes and some of them have recommended visiting him.  

He started with some questions, and then did an evaluation.  He observed me as I twisted, bent, touched my toes.  During the evaluation, he had me do a knee lift with my eyes closed, and I asked, "Are you going to catch me, if I fall?"  He said, "No.  I am not going to catch you.  You can put your foot down."  And I started to laugh, that was an obvious thing to do if you start falling,

Next he started treating my shoulder.  Rubbing and looking for the clicking.  He started to look for the muscle near my armpit, and I started to squirm.  Since anyone poking at your armpit should make you wince.  Dr. Ken then said, "Get use to it!"  

Words to live by as I train for my Ironman from Dr. Ken Nuss...
"No. I am not going to catch you." and 
"Get use to it!"

Ironman Training - Runnning on Valentines Day - February 14, 2014

Today, my coach wanted me to run an hour, a 15 minute warm up, Followed by 3 x 5 minutes strong and 10 minutes easy.  The plan was to run on the treadmill, only to find out the roof collapsed.  So I layered up and ran around the block doing my best to avoid the ice patches and sliding.  Eventually I finished with my left foot in an icy puddle.  SMH

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ironman Training - More Snow Shuts Down My Gym - Feburary 13, 2014

Today, the plan was to run outside, but it looked so slippery so I got my gym bag and headed to the treadmill.  As I drove in to the parking lot, there were 2 cars still covered with snow.  I thought 2 workers working but no one else in the gym.  

I walk to the door and I pull.  Yup! Locked and I read the sign that they will be open at 2pm today.  It's 5pm now.

Emailed by Coach and she switched things around and it was changed to the bike! One Hour and 3 Minutes!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ironman Training - First Bike Threshold Test

    I wasn't sure want to expect as I reviewed my plan that my Coach upload to Training Peaks.  I then printed it so I can see what I needed to do and placed the printout next to my laptop.  I went onto YouTube and found a Bike Training Video that was an hour long and maximized it on my screen.  Turned on the fan, which was louder than my trainer!
    As I sat on the Test Saddle from Cobb, thinking I hope I do not get numb testing this new seat.  I think it in the best position as possible and felt comfortable.  I think I might have a winner!  Then I mounted my watch onto the bike mount and pressed start.  It picked up the cadence meter and my heart rate monitor and I slowly peddled for the warm up as prescribed for 10 minutes.  Now the test...
    Effort #1: 8 minutes MAX effort. Gradually ramp up the power during the first 45 sec-1 minute, then hold your max power for the entire 8 minutes. This should HURT, but try to maintain your power througout the interval. Give it all you have left on the last minute!! **Record avg HR and Avg Power (If you have a power meter) RECOVER by spinning SUPER easy for 10 minutes!
    Effort #2: Same as #1, this is your MAX effort! Gradually ramp up the power and hold it for the entire interval! Give it your all for the last minute!!!
    With all the huffing and puffing, about half way through all I thought about was that this was going to make me stronger and ready for IMAZ!  I am no stranger to training hard.  This is the first time someone will be review and critiquing my workouts.  Having another set up eyes will help me get to the next level.  I know I do it for other companies and business that reach out to me to help them grow and this is the first time that I actually hired someone to do the same for my fitness journey.