Sunday, July 5, 2015

Selden Hills 15K Failed Again

Today, I wanted to get in an easy 1:45 hilly run and I opted for Selden Hills.  The original plan was to hit the hills around 7am but I get there at 8 and went off up and down Adirondack, Berkshire and this time, the hills on Blue Point Road. 

Again I missed the loop at Laurel Place, so as I got closer to the finish, I made a loop at Cedarhurst.  I ended up with 9.71 miles in 1:41.  It was a nice easy pace.

As I finished, I noticed a pop up tent with some food with a bunch of food and liquids.  The last few times I ran the hills,  most of the time the parking lot is empty.  This time there must have been 20 people chatting.  And I saw the decal on the table, so I made sure I got the "I Ran The Selden Hills" decal! for me and Irene!

This was my second attempt at the official 15k.  I will be back to complete the official 15k course and I will probably do the new 20k course.

Oh boy!  69 days left for the Suffolk Marathon and 118 days left for the NYC Marathon