Monday, October 26, 2015

Will You Run with the Dark Side of the Force?

Luke, I am your Father. 
Let's go run together with our cool tech shirts!

I plan on getting this Darth Vader Wicked Shirt, especially when I run with my kids!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Laces and Shoes for the 2016 New York City Marathon

I will be wearing the Saucony Mirage 5 running shoes with Lace Locks for the 2016 New York City Marathon!

I've been wearing the Mirage model for the past 2 1/2 years.  As I got more efficient with my running, I focused on landing mid foot.  The lower heal to toe height is 4mm help with this landing.  Unlike my Previous shoes, the Asics Kayano that has a 12 mm height.  I would land on my heels which caused more problems to my hips and knees.  For me as I focused on landing more midfoot, I started to have calve tightness, and the knee issues disappeared.  But I think the calf issues were cause because I tried to transition to midfoot too fast in the beginning.  Now that I am use to it, I am running the strongest ever.  

Sorry Asics  :(

The bungee material in the Lace Locks stretches the right amount for my feet without feeling too loose or too tight! And I don't have to double knot my laces.   I started to wear Quick Laces for a quicker transition times in my triathlons.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

7 Days to go started 7 years ago towards the NYC Marathon #3

I wanted to give you a quick update with 7 days to go until my 12th Marathon and third time doing the New York City Marathon.  This time, I have been the least injured out of the past 7 years of this adventure.   In 2008, I only knew a couple of people who have run 26.2 miles.  This year, I will be running with hundreds of people I know, and that even includes a couple of Ironman Arizona Finishers from last year.

Originally, I was suppose to run this race back in 2012 with Irene, but I herniated my back a month prior to the race.  Then Hurricane Sandy canceled the big show for Irene.  The damage I did to my back was bad enough that the neurosurgeon wanted to cut me open and take God given OEM parts out of my body.    Irene and I decided to do the race in 2014, and she did great last year.  My journey took a detour when I had a seizure in 2013.  Eventually. I was healthy enough, I decided to do an Ironman in 2014 and moved this race to this year.  Yes, it's been a very interesting journey thus far... 

Last weekend, The Lam's we participated in the 3rd Annual Wildwood Warrior Team Triathlon race sans the Daughter (who seems to have a passion to work instead).  About 10 Warriors braved the brisk H20 of Wildwood Lake, which included Irene, as the boys and I watch from shore.   I did do the bike and swim parts of the race.  After, I crossed the finish line, I ran back on to the course to see how Irene and Vanessa were doing.  Irene was smiling as I ran with them for the last 1 mile.   

More importantly we did this race, so that the boys can do their Junior Wildwood Warrior Duathlon.  They did incredible and we are so proud of them!  The next day, I received a message from my team mate, Marlo and I was like, "was this message for me?"  The message made me think about how important what we do with our kids. I thought about what I started 7 years ago and how it has benefited the boys as well as my daughter, even if she does not participate as much as her brothers do.  She does bike to work, and that is good enough for me.  We shall see if she will do an Ironman, with me, Irene, and her brothers.  Estimated Ironman date would be 2023 when Elijah turns 18 years old.  Well, she has plenty of time to graduate from college, have her career and cook Thanksgiving Dinner from her Kitchen Skills learned from her Culinary School and working from the Top Restaurants in the World.

On November 1st, Sunday.  Remember to "Fall" Back by turning the clock back by 1 hour for daylight savings time, and at 10:15am EST, my foot will cross the start line at the bottom of the Veranzano Bridge in Staten Island and my estimate that my timing chip will trigger that I cross the finish line by 2:45 pm.  If you want a better estimation or plan on a betting pool or just cheer from the sidelines, at home, at work, on your run, on your bike trainer, or by playing Yahtzee.  You can follow me with the TCS New York City Marathon Tracking App.  It worked well last year and technology has become better and better!  Here is the link.

Again, running for Team for Kids has been an honor.  I've said it before, TFK got this incredible journey started in 2007.  Move to 2015, I have made new friends from my own neighborhood to across the country who are healthier today than they were a few years back.  Thank you for supporting Team for Kids and allowing me to share this adventure with you.  I am still working to help as many kids as I can.  Please visit

Have an awesome rest of the week!


Warm Yourself with the Force!

When I saw this Star Wars Stormtrooper Beanie, I had to get it for the kids!!!  Yes,  I will admit, for myself!  May the Force keep you warm!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

TCS New York City Marathon 20115 is getting closer

I am so excited to go back to the race that started so many changes in my life!  In 2008, I never thought I would have ever added so many miles to my legs.  More importantly, the impact of this race has change my family for the better for generations to come! 

Please look out for me on November 1, 2015 :)

Please be generous towards Team for Kids by visiting visit 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Compression for the New York City Marathon

This year with my legs cramping up starting around mile 13.  So, for the last few long training runs I have worn compression socks to get ready for the TCS New York City Marathon.   

I remember thinking I would never wear knee high socks with shorts, and as I got focused on improving my running, I did not care!  Cramps really put a damper on a run.  In fact, I have had to cut a run short because of these cramps.  

Now, I am making sure I do my stretching daily, and dialing in my electrolytes and hydration.  Experience does help!

I am so happy that Irene order me a pair of Pro Compression Marathon Compression Socks last year, but I seldom wore them. Mostly because last year  I was training for Ironman, and my leg issues stemmed from an Achilles injury so I never ran that much to feel leg cramps.  This year has been run focused and boom! Cramps!  My darn calves were misfiring from being so fatigued.  I can't remember ever running this much at the same time running this well!

Pro Compression socks have the right thickness for my calves and stay up.  I have used others, but they just slip down.  This month, Irene decided to get a rainbow of colors!  

Guess which color I will be wearing for the NYC Marathon?

Monday, October 5, 2015

[DISAPPOINTMENT] You Can Not Dictate The Pace - New York City Marathon

3 weeks ago, I was so disappointed with hitting a Personal Record at the Inaugural Suffolk Half Marathon. At the start of the 2015 season, my goal was to crush the New York City Marathon with a 3 hour and 45 minute race.  My training thus far had me on track to come close to 3:45 (8:34 per mile pace), but as the long training runs progressed my endurance at longer distances began to decline and harder to maintain the goal pace that I set my expectations at.   

So, going into this new race,  I planned a sub 2:00 race (9:00 minute mile).  I looked forward to hitting my goal.  Everything started just fine. I warmed up with a 3 mile run and even had a chance to use a real restroom before the start gun shot.  However, every time I looked at my wrist after that start, my Garmin, kept adding numbers to that 9:00.  Then at the turnaround point at the St. John’s University Annex (Formerly LaSalle Military Academy) in Oakdale.  I mentally tossed in the towel and gave up.  I felt so disgusted that I did not even attempt to reset myself and do my best.  Then for the first time this season, my calves cramped up around mile 10.  It really went all downhill from there, not in the elevation of the course, but in my performance and self-confidence.  

I crossed the finish line with a 2:07:02 (9:41 pace) with a grimace and unhappiness.  Thinking I my best would never be good enough.  Actually, giving up all hope to even attempting a 3:45 marathon ever..  

After walking around in self pity, and talking to my Coach, Danielle.  She said, “You can’t dictate the pace.”  All I remember was that I was thinking that my body can’t handle this distance regardless of my training.  Even though I have done 10 marathons and an Ironman.  I really suck at running!  I struggled with running when I started and even with vast improvements with my running over the years, I felt like I will never hit my ultimate goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

After a few days of recovery, I headed into the NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up Run with my friend Wolfgang.  It did not start good as Wolfgang asked me how will I be tracking my run.  I looked at my left wrist and apparently my watch was still at home.  I stayed calm and loaded MapMyRun onto my phone, so I can have some data for analysis and for my coach to review.

Since I could not see my pace with my phone tucked into my pouch, I was glad to see the race had pacers and I looked for the 4 hour pace runner.  The cool thing is that the pacer I found happened to be Otto Lam (not family related LOL)  Anyway I know Otto from a different race, but you can read more about it if you Google “Run with Noah Wineglass” for more details.

I stuck with Otto for about 6 miles, on pace at a 9 minute mile, and I even pulled ahead.  Then around mile 10, I started to feel tired.  Mile 12, Otto caught up to me and passed me then around mile 14, both calves started to cramp up along with my hamstrings.  Despite the setback, I felt calm and kept on walking as fast as I can for the next couple of miles.  This time I did not give up.  With every few minutes of walking, I tried to pick up the pace and each time I would cramp up.  I would try to ramp again only to keep walking.

Eventually, a Team for Kids Mentor, Karena, caught up to me and stayed with me for the next 3 miles.  We chatted the whole time with a couple times trying to run, only to cramp up.  Finally at the final mile, I gave it one last go to run, and this time my legs let me finish strong through the finish line.

The following week, I had a scheduled 19 miler only to be cut short at mile 10 with cramps.  This is not Good, but it was smart that I stopped.

Despite having the worst performances of 2015, I was delighted with what I did.  I was calm and more importantly I did not Give Up.  The words from Coach Dee, “You Can’t Dictate the Pace.” finally sunk in.  

So many factors go into a race, that we can not control, everyday we awake to a brand new day with unique circumstances beyond our control, Temperature, Wind, Viruses…   At the same time, there are many things  that we can control.  In our circle of influence, we do have a lot of say over how we view a situation.  With that in mind, I had the best 19 miles this past weekend, literally and mentally!    

This slice of my life reminded me what would I say to my kids if this happened to my kids.  In fact, I see this happen with my son, who puts a lot of pressure on himself and I can see when he gets disappointed.  I always reminded him, “Did you do your best?”

Success is not a Goal. It's the Journey that You Take. 4 Weeks Until the New York City Marathon!!!

Again, thanks for your support with my endeavours and more importantly your support of giving kids a healthy head start to life.  Please be generous at