Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Run Your Own Race

This morning I was listening to something and it reminded me about "Running Your Own Race." For the most part, I am always competing with myself which is a good thing because I know I can do better. It keeps me motivated! At the same time, it can be depressing when I don't reach a goal.

Sometimes friends talk to me about why they don't start something even when a looming health condition is weighing on them, some are frustrated at the quality of their life because they can't move around as they once did a few years back. Others are concerned that they can't keep up with the "Jones."

Keeping up with the "Jones" is a real struggle for many because who wants to look silly in front of peers. However the great thing is that as you start walking that extra block, do that extra push up, drink a few extra ounces of water, or anything that is good for yourself. All those worries about looking Bad in front of others or concerns about health start to fall to the wayside and you will notice that you will are on the path to "Run Your Own Race" because it was you who took that first step, no one else.

Love to hear some great stories and if you want to start something let me know  Let's get started!