Monday, April 27, 2009

Run 4 Marcy - April 26, 2009

Today, Irene and I did a run in Memory of our neighbor Marcy D'Aguanno, who lived down the block away from us. The parking lot filled quickly with Large SUV's and Minivans, and least 100 friends and family members gathered at West Meadow Beach around 9am on a very sunny and cloud free day. At least, half were kids from the neighborhood. West Meadow is a typical North Shore beach riddled with rocks instead of sand that you'd find on the South Shore of Long Island. Those same rocks left me with scars on my knee, many years back when I was foolish enough to "walk" down a cliff near Port Jefferson with my friend Vinny and Phil, but that is another story.

With a whistle to get everyone's attention, her husband Greg jumped up on the bed of a pick up truck or was it a bumper of a car. He announced his plans of the Marcella D'Aguanno Memorial Fund for Stroke and NYU. In addition, an annual organized Triathlon to be held, and Marcy being very completive would only support an actual race.

I was always inspired by her commitment to running, biking and swimming. Along with preparing for the Marathon this year, I will be fitting swimming into the schedule, so I to can do a Tri. Emily is always asking me to take swim lessons with her at Saf-T-Swim.

Before the Marathon, I would ritually prepared playlists on my Ipod. Now I enjoy focusing on my footsteps or getting to the next lightpole or mailbox, clear of any music blaring in my earlobes. As I ran today, I recalled her kind words of encouragement while I was training for the Marathon last year, and the times I would see her in Spin class. She recently started working at State Farm to provide all kinds of commercial and personal insurance, and our recent conversation revolved around her State Farm training. I always enjoyed talking about business and she was excited to start her new career.

As I weaved between the group and having many people run pass me, I'd looked over to my left and right at Irene and checked off that mental checklist of just being prepared if something should happen. My mind also drifted with dealing with the everyday stuff, like telling the kids to stop playing the DS or WII and wash up for dinner. I reminded myself to cherish those moments when Elijah tilts his head and smiles or when Zachary would recall something I taught him last year or when Emily just gives me a hug or when Irene just holds my hand with our fingers interlaced. Life is short and we must keep in mind what really is important and our commitment to what is really important. So when something irks me and things seem to be falling apart, I need to settle down and refocus on to what I am committed to, and things always fall back into place. When you loose someone close, it's really tough to focus.

Taking time out with the Family last week was refreshing. Mickey and Minnie always brings a smile to our faces and a great interuption to create lasting memories. The kids are young enough to still take them out of school and I continue to do so. The parks are less crowded so you really can enjoy the rides instead of the lines. While I would have liked to cap the week with a happier event, none the less I appreciate the theme of this years vacation with the family, eating and sleeping seem to have taken most of our vacation time.

Several years back, the Town knocked down all the beach houses just south of West Meadow and protected the area. Just a path of blacktop reminds you of civilization reaching to the end of the peninsula, with sand and views of the water between the trees are on both sides of the path. My body was unfamiliar with running is this hot weather and it was tough. Looks like I am really due for some new running schools. My ankle is starting to feel floppy and its affecting my stride and balance.

The race day ended with a large group picture. Several times the picture taker requested that we squeeze closer to fit in the frame and then we all shouted "Marcy" as the countdown reversed from 3, 2, 1. No one seemed to mind that we were all sweaty!

Remember to enjoy the run,