Friday, July 20, 2012

High Heels and Crying!

A few weeks ago, I ran a 5K hill, basically 1 mile down hill and 2 miles up. While my Achilles felt tight, I continued my normal routine of warming up and stretching thinking it would be ok. And I ran an 8:40 pace, one of my fastest especially going up a hill!
A week later, part of my training for the New York City Marathon, a 5K time trial was scheduled. As I started around Stony Brook University, my first mile came in around 9:00 minute mile, that was kind of slow. I could fell my right Achilles was not feeling quite right. The second mile, I started to struggle and slowing to an 11:00 minute mile. I called it quits for the first time. The throbbing from my right ankle was a little too much. The good thing is that the Achilles Tendonitis is not as bad as my sprained left ankle, right before my first marathon in 2008.

So for the past few weeks, I biked, pressed play on my DVD and worked out with Tony Horton and the P90X friends, cried like a baby at the massage therapist, cried some more using the foam roller, and sobbed as I did self massage on the Achilles. My friend suggested high heels to relieve the stress on the tendon. Does anyone have a size 10 ½ men’s stilettos?

Finally this week, the slow easy 1 mile run last Sunday was great. I’ve been doing my best to keep it slow. So far the most I have run is 4 miles and planning on 5 miles tomorrow. While I am really behind on mileage, it is so important that I do not rush. Most of the mileage has come from the track, and everyone knows how much I hate running on that oval loop. Yet, the track is a great place to get regain strength and prep the joints for the miles to come on the road. Funny, I have come to enjoy the track for this past week. In order for me to bare the incredible boredom from lack of scenery, I have really forced my mind to concentrate, and make my mind go blank to listen to my body. Before I know it, my legs will be logging those necessary marathon miles, and I look forward to running with my boys on the field where they have been training this year.

Elijah has been very productive by bringing home some track medals. Zachary is coming off of his Sever’s disease. It’s a common heel injury in kids due to inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. Without his boot, he brought home a 4th place medal in the 4x100 relay at regionals. Actually it’s his first track medal!

Coming soon, the traveling for cross country running is about to begin. I do not know anything about it, so it will be an adventure!

Here is one of the kids I run for.
Throughout the next four months you will have the opportunity to meet some of our young runners. Kids like Erick, an eighth-grader in our Young Runners program. Erick is pre-diabetic and has behavioral and learning issues. He used to watch the other kids run laps during their Young Runners practice but was too scared to join. The Young Runner's coach, Nancy Landau-Gahres, encouraged him to join the team. “Erick is just an incredible kid,” says Landau-Gahres. “It’s difficult for him to focus and he struggles not to be last, but he doesn’t care. He just loves being part of a team.” In Young Runners, Erick found a family who accepts him and doesn’t make fun of him. “I want to do my best for my teammates,” says Erick. “I know I have to lose weight and learn to eat better which is really difficult, but I am gaining confidence every day and I have my teammates to thank for that.” Think of Erick as you begin to feel tired on a long run, and remember that your fundraising efforts will continue to help Erick learn to cope with his learning and health issues long after you have crossed the finish line.

Visit my Team for Kids Fund Raising page at
And Give Kids a Running Head Start to Health and Fitness!


Join me for some 2012 race that Irene and I will be doing!
July 28. 2012 - AHRC 5K Run/Walk - Southampton, NY
• This will be Elijah’s 1st 5K!
July 29, 2012 - Cystic Fibrosis 4 Miler - West Sayville, NY
August 12, 2012 - Warrior Dash - Windom, NY
September 15, 2012 - Cow Harbor 10K -Northport, NY
September 29, 2012 - Hamptons Half - Easthampton, NY
October 13, 2012 – Hartford Marathon – Hartford, CT
November 4, 2012 – New York City Marathon – New York, NY
November 30, 2012 – St. John the Baptist Turkey Trot 4K – West Islip, NY