Streak Out Hunger

8 years ago I decided to do the New York City Marathon, and the last time I ran a mile was back in High School of Sophomore Year as part of a fitness test to join the Varsity Football Team. Well that was 30 years ago!
Move to the present, my friend Gieselle, asked me to participate in a Thanksgiving to New Year's Streak of running a minimum of 1 mile per day. I was like, "Hmmm. Ok I will do it!" And during one of my segments, I remembered Forrest Gump ran for 3 years 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours. I decided I could continue this streak for all of 2016. And if I was going to do that, I'm going to do my share to Streak Out Hunger!!!
In addition to supporting me with feeding others, I also invite you to Join the Team and Click on the Grey Box to Fundraise for this Campaign.   Travel for a mile each day for as long as you can. You can commit to all of 2016, 1/2 year, 1 quarter (3 months), 1 month or 2 weeks. I got some cool giveaways based on your commitment levels (TBD)
What is your Committment: All of 2016, 1/2 of 2016, 1/4 of 2016, 1 month in 2016, or 2 weeks in 2016?
Support my Legs with a Donation
  • Forrest Gump Level: $1,173 ($1 per day that he ran 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours)
    • Premium Logo Position on Running Shirt
    • Receive a Running Shirt
  • Bubba Level: $730 ($1 per day for a 2 year tour)
    • Prime Logo Position on the Running Shirt
    • Receive a Running Shirt
  • Lt. Dan Level: $366 ($1 per day for a 1 year tour)
    • Logo on the Running Shirt
    • Receive a Running Shirt
  • Medal of Honor Level: $183 ($1 per day for 1/2 year)
  • Ping Pong Level: $92 ($1 per day for 3 months)
  • Run Forrest Run Level: $31 ($1 per day for 31 days)
  • Greenbow Level: $14 ($1 per day for 14 Days)
  • Or Donate what your Gump Heart tells you  $_______

Streak On!
Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

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