Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Promise to my Kids

Dear Emily, Zachary and Elijah,

I wanted to share with everyone that I know how much I love you. You mean everything to me, and while everything that I do may not be perfect like this letter full of typos and grammatical error, my efforts will be perfect because they come from my heart. By the way, just because I have poor writing skills, it does not mean that you can be sloppy with your writing!

You are connected to other people in a special way, and there no coincidences in life. That is why I am sharing this letter with everyone I know, because we are all connected in some cosimic web. Some connections will be closer and tighter than others, however everyone will have a tug on the web we create, as well as you will tug on their web.

Today, while I was doing an goal setting exercise, we talked about goals. For the past couple of years I’ve been thinking about “To Create a Heathier World for My Kids to Step Into”. However, I needed to be more specific, meaning measurable and has a deadline. So I am clear and ready to update my long term goal.

When I am 100 years old (which means the year 2069), I would made 1 million lives healthier to Create a Healthier World for My Kids to Step Into. Which means in 2 years I need to have touched the lives of about 31,250 Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparaents....

Every kid deserves to have their Mom and Dad around for as long as possible. When I look back 3 and a half years ago, thinking that 245 lbs was normal, and occasionally taking my Quinapril or Norvasc for my high blood pressure. Was not okay!

I am so sorry that I was robbing your time with me. The following rare unposed picture was taken at your 9th Birthday, which reveals your spark. Look at your eyes, you have so much to look forward to life and expecting the best that life will provide. How in the world would I not want to be part of your life.

Just remember that you can thank Forest Gump for getting me off my butt (yes, I said butt…) While that got the flywheel to nudge, it you kids as well as Mom that continue to motivate me. Emily, I was surprised that you took the initiative to start doing TurboFire. Zachary, I love the way your run, so effortlessly and your willingness to do a marathon. Elijah, just keep using your big arms to swim, you will be on the Swim Team before you know it.

Also, just know that I motivated other people to get healthier, like Mom, Your Uncles and Aunts, your Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Who would have thought Goong Goong and Ma Ma would belong to a gym! And on occasion your Dad motivated some of his friends and collegues to start taking care of themselves for their families.

I gravitated towards Team Beachbody because their goals is to End the Trend of Obesity is something really important.

Please pay it forward and share this letter with your friends and family so that all of our Kids will Have a Healthier World to Step Into, more important be filled with the people they love.

Pay it Forward!


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