Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just Call Me Amanda-St. Patrick's Day 5K

I woke up a little later than expected for my 5K in Smithtown to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this morning, and for that you can call me Amanda! As part of my marathon training or lack there of, I schedule myself to run 7 miles to the course, grab a bagel, get my bid, run with a few friends from high school and a couple new friends that I made along my journeys, run the 5K at an easy pace, break bread with my friends, and eventually run 7 miles home.

I put on my running and headed out. Of course, I noted all the down hills, and enjoyed the pull of gravity as I made my way towards Smithtown. As I got toward the Rt 25 an Rt 111 intersection, I looked behind me and said, “Damn!” I am going to have to run up that incline for about 2 miles, why!!!!!!

Eventually, I made it to the gym and waited on line to receive my bib. It’s a simple bib with the RFID tag built glued on the backside! I headed back towards the hallway to meet up with my friends and pinned the bib to my right leg. We all headed outside to brave the 32 degree clear weather. We watch the fun run kids dash for the finish, as we gathered by the starting line.

I glanced over to one of my friends bibs and notice their name printed on their bib, so I looked down toward my right leg trying to make out the name. Guess what! Call me Amanda L 18 year old Female. Sorry Amanda for the slow sub 10 minute mile, but I just ran 7 miles to the race and will be running home for another 7 miles.

I am always proud to accomplish a goal for myself, like a 5K. What makes me really happy is when someone else is able to accomplish a goal that they set, especially a friend. When the dream becomes reality, that’s real magic! Today, I saw 3 friends run a 5K for the first time. The great thing is that they plan to continue. Keep it up!

Next race is the NYC Half Marathon with Irene!


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