Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wow, My Daughter Actually Pays Attention!

Delaware Marathon 2012
The other day, Emily surprised me with an email. It was a personality profile that she took for school. I thought it was interesting to see how a test would analyze her answers. After reading it, I felt it was accurate. My biggest concern was that she would lock herself into this personality and use it to blame everything that happens because of a few electronic responses.

I called her and ask, “What do you think of the test?” “Is this who you are?” I really did not give her a chance to answer because I wanted to get to this question. “Emily, do you believe you can change?” Her reply was, “Yes.” That was interesting because she tends to be a drama queen at times blaming the world for her woos and whoas. So I ask, “Why do you believe that?” The next sentences surprised my slightly cynical self.

She says, “Because you changed.” I was totally caught off guard and asked for clarity, “What do you mean?” Emily’s reply, “You run now and don’t keep cans of soda or bags of Doritos in the house anymore.” Leading up to my decision to run, I am probably the last person to be the poster child to health, and I am glad that she noticed the changes in me when I didn’t even realize it myself. I will continue to do my best to lead her and her brothers in making the best choices for health and their future as long as I can.

If I did not sign up for the NYC Marathon 4 and half years ago, I probably would not have had the opportunity to give the gift of running to my kids. Both Zachary and Elijah are part of Sports Center Athletic Training Track & Field Club in St. James. Unfortunately, Zachary is going through some growing pains and has been on the side lines for the past month, and is anxious to out run his peers. Elijah is a little rabbit and is running with kids 2 years older and having a boatload of fun! Emily continues to surprise me when she decides to go for a run. I think she is running to pass a boy’s house that she likes in the neighborhood.

I am still caught off guard when someone acknowledges my running. In fact, I still look around thinking they are congratulating someone next to me. Last month, Irene and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary, by doing the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee. It was suppose to be a “fun run” but I wanted to get State #6 under my belt. I am a lucky guy because she agreed to do the race together! Two weeks later, I took on my 9th Marathon and State #7 in Wilmington, Delaware. Details on both races will be added to my blog at as I still have 43 more states to run before I am 50!

Lately, many of my friends have been signing up for 5K’s or even signing up for marathons, because of me. Again, I am still surprised to be the person to motivate anyone. I am just a guy going through a mid life crisis. Instead of buying a Porsche, I happen to do marathons instead. I am really humbled that my 2 legs are able to inspire anyone, and if I am able to help someone lose some weight, lower blood pressure, kick the use of BP or cholesterol meds, or do something they never thought they could do before. I am glad that I put a little spark in their step, but it’s really them who deserve the credit.

Team for Kids
Well, 4 years later, we are returning to the New York City Marathon for the 43rd running of the 5 boroughs. Again, I have the privilege of giving the gift of running to hundreds of kids. Our Team for Kids fund raising helps kids around the world with opportunities to run, who otherwise have little or no access to regular physical activity. It’s amazing that 1/3 of all children in the United States is obese! Please take a moment to help me reach my goal to give the gift of running to 300 children. Please visit our Personal Donation Page at

Also if you want to start running your first 5k or even want to do a marathon, give me a call! I really get excited and motivate each time someone tells me that they did a race for the first time!

Have a Great Memorial Day and Bring it!!!

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