Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ironman Training - Feeling Alone on the Bike and Am I Really Helping

After stripping off my wetsuit and prepped my bike for my 3 hour ride, I kissed Irene good bye.  I peddled away to join the Bike Pack for a ride around town.  A few more people joined the morning swim crew and we headed out.  After a few short minutes, the lead pack was at least a 1/4 mile down Route 51.  I was in a group with John, Susan, Jason, Mike and Kurt.  I did my best to keep up with my Coach's lead group.  After a few rights and lefts, eventually all of us either peeled off or pedaled away and I was left alone.  I did my best during the first loop and stayed with them for the most part.  The second half of my ride, I sort of got lost.  We all have different abilities and we want to do our best each time.  That is different for each of us.  It's not unusual to be left alone, as I train alone most of the time. 

Usually during long training sessions, it's nice to have your thoughts to yourself.  No customer questions or kids yelling at each other.  I usually end up thinking about Irene, the kids, finishing my races, Irene finishing her races, business, my friends, what's happening in my life, or something like why do I have so many socks that do not match.  Once and a while, I would pay attention to my watch to let me know to hit the gas or take it easy.  Avoiding the road kill of some animal, usually wakens me from my deep thoughts.

Even though I feel like I am riding "alone", I have a team that supports me.  My family team, work team, and even my triathlon team.  Which is important to accomplish the amazing.

This time, I thought about how it would feel if I came home with an empty stomach and went to bed hungry.  I thought about the 100,000 plus kids who go hungry every night.  Even my son, helped out in several food drives for Island Harvest this year standing outside of Shop and Stop or King Kullen doing food drives and collected close to 27,000 pounds.  Very proud of him!

When I first learned about Hunger On Long Island over 7 years ago, I was surprised that it even existed.  I felt ashamed for being ignorant.  There is so much more we can do! Several years ago, people who use to support Island Harvest are now going to Food Banks and Pantries to assistance.  This needs to end, and I have some ideas to make that happen for a few people!

By dedicating my Ironman Race, I believe my goal of raising $25,000 is just the beginning.  As I ended my ride, I thought about what else can I do. 

For now, what would be helpful is for you to visit

That kid that you will feed today will be Ironman Grateful!

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