Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ironman Training - Longest Bike Ride Ever on August 30, 2014

Last week, I receive an email from my coach that indicates 5 hour bike, so I began to think, hmmm where should I go?  Then I get a facebook message from my IronFit Endurance Teammate, Christa. "Noah I have a 5 hour ride Saturday . Not sure about you or if you want to risk riding with me." I reply with "Where do you want to go?" and in the back of my mind, I am thinking, please no flats and patches of sand :)  

Christa and I left the parking lot of Mather Hospital around 5:30am, with the sunlight barely lighting up the eastern sky as we headed east on a chilly route 25A.  My thoughts, It better warm up soon! We met up with our other teammates, Susan and John about an hour into our ride.  Both of them, Ironman so it's really great to be able to ride and spend some time with them.  It's a real special group that we belong to, and I am super happy to be part of it.  So many awesome people involved!

Funny, some of the roads that we biked on, we normally travel on with a motorized vehicle.  Who travels out towards Eastern Long Island, let alone on a bicycle?  All I can say, is that if it were not for Susan and John, Christa and I might have made this 5 hour tour a 10 hour tour!  Even with a smartphone it might have turned into a 7 hour tour.  I am use to making rights that would point me into north, south, east or west, but on these roads, I thought I was heading north but really I was heading south.  SMH

Eventually, the 2 smart Iron"men" already decided 3 hours was enough and we parted ways on William Floyd Parkway.  Christa and I still had over an hour to get home and we both still had to run. I greatly appreciated that Susan and John came out to ride.  What I love is that they still love doing it.  They've accomplish some awesome feats and are still in the game.

By hour 4 my neck and shoulders were sore from having to look up ahead.  By now it's early afternoon and the traffic started to pick up.  We were about 10 minutes to 5 hours and we road a little further down to Rt. 112.  It's ok at 6 am but the volume of cars at 11 am, it was sketchy at best for cyclists.

Finally, we made it back.  Christa looks at her watch and says 85 miles (I usually wait until I get home to confirm and it was like 84, but I am not going to mince numbers only because I forget to hit start again for a 7 mile stretch)  That was the farthest I have ever done, and in most days that is the farthest I have ever done in a car!

We were still not done!  A 30 minute run for me and Christa had 40 minutes.  Mind you that Christa stands on the podium at many races, so there was no way for me to keep up with her because the Laws of Physics has put a kibosh on my Achillies and Foot.  I have to dial it back.  Well I made it back with not to much complaining.

You remember me mentioned about the awesome people involved, well, I am midway though my and at that time I was running.  All of the sudden, I hear, "Noah!" I am like, someone must be calling their kid!  And thanks to Noah Wyle, it seems like every boy now has the name Noah.  I see a Jeep slowdown and with the driver side window lowered, it was a fellow Wildwood Warrior, Michelle!  I see her with her phone out to take this picture :)

Christa and I had capped our training session with brunch at Crazy Beans. We thought about the first time we did a marathon and we could not even walk down the stairs.  We just worked out for close to 6 hours and we can probably still have done more (don't tell our coach.)  With our races coming up in November, I said based on what we just did, we technically still have another 7-9 hours to complete our Ironman races! 


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