Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chilly, Windy, and Lucky to Be Able to Do This!

I've gone riding with Christa D. three times, and each time it has been an adventure!  The first time, Christa got a flat tire.  We went through 2 tubes and 2 CO2 cartridges.  The second time, all I remember was wanting to get a massage after being hunched over for hours for the first time at that time and distance, and a road rash on the Greenbelt Trail as the furry animals watch me scrape my but along the pavement.

Third time seems to take the cake!  I arrived at the University Parking Lot at 5:30am, where the temperature was a brisk 50 degrees.  I am thinking my compression stockings might not be long enough as I saw Christa with tights and gloves.  As she was prepared for our 100 mile bike and 30 minute run afterwards.

I was focused on was on my nutrition which falls short towards the end of the workout and I planned out the night before when I would drink, eat my pre-cut Cliffbars and suck on the baby food.  The plan was to sip every 5 minutes, have a salt tablet every hour, suck down a baby food every half an hour, and in between pop in a morsel of Cliffbar.

It was still pre-dawn, so we circled around the university and one the lit major streets of Stony Brook and we even had some time riding through the middle of the campus, where Christa noticed that one of my water bottles jettisoned out of my Gorilla Bottle Cage and turned around and grab it.  I picked my Timberman 70.3 Water Bottle up and popped it back into it's cage and noticed that my Ironman Arizona Water Bottle was missing.  This is not good, and means that we had to make another pit stop along the way for more hydration.  Well thank God, that Christa was paying attention.  The funny thing is that Christa asked if we should turn back, and I was like, "No, it's too far away."
She chuckled because we had to ride 100 miles today.  I figured it was too dark to see anything to back track, so we trudged forward.

Off we went to Greenport, on the north fork of Long Island.  About 15 minutes later, another crazy mishap occurred.  My front water bottle that I sip from. suddenly drops and crashes on Route 25A.  I was like, there goes 24 ounces of Coconut Water, Ice and Nuun all over the road.  A little annoyed, I turn around and pick it up and place it back into it's holder and I realize this is not holding.  Upon inspection, the cradle cracked in half, like a wishbone.  Well, I can't hold this 24 ounce container, so I put it next to a bush in the hopes that it will still be there later on the day.  My hydration plan is really going to be off kilter today!

As we moved east, the sun rose and warmed me up just a little.  I looked that a few flags waving in the wind pointing south-southeast give us an ever so slight tailwind.  It was not enough to over come the forces of the wind pushing on our left side. 

We eventually made it to Greenport and made a bathroom break by the Carrousel.  I was thinking we did 58 miles in little over 3 hours, it should be less time going back.  Well that was the plan. By the way, the plan also included a rabbit roadkill courtesy of one Christa, as Bugs Bunny decided to hop in front of her,

The wind going back was worse.  Pushing us head on and from the right.  It was unrelenting the entire time riding back.  I did my best to minimize the wind by being in aero position for most of the time, but my pace was slowed drastically.  Even speedy Christa was feeling the effects of Mother Nature.  I felt bad because she probably would have gone faster if wasn't being the slowpoke today (I would say most days).  She remained about 100 yards ahead for most of the time back. 

The effects of not having the front water bottle to sip from every 5 minutes and replacing it with the motion of sitting up and grabbing the bottle from behind slowed me down and got me out of my groove.

Towards the end, my chain dropped twice and even Christa's chain jammed up for a little.  Adding a few minutes each time.  As we pulled into the parking lot, the wind kept blowing and laughing at us.
So glad that I rode with Christa, because I know that I might not have gone running for the 30 minutes afterwards for our brick.  I swapped out my bike shoes, laced up my running shoes, and took off my bike jacket.  We ran over to the University track to take advantage of the even soft ground to help our sore legs and injuries that have occurred during this Ironman Training Season.

It was good that this happened during the training period and I will be more prepared going into Ironman Arizona.  Funny, I am surprised that I even made it this far!

After, I took a shower and took a short rest, I retraced our bike path to see if I can find my beloved water bottle for the past year. Well, if anyone if traveling in Stony Brook, keep your eyes peeled for a Bike Water Bottle with the Ironman Arizona Logo on it.

I drove back to where I left my front water bottle and found a few ants crawling over it.  Well at least I have this one!

Well it took 7 Hours 31 minutes and 54 seconds to ride 104.78 miles.  Which should have take less than 6 hours.  It was crazy to see my speed under 10 mph when I normally ride at 20+ mph.  They say, the headwinds and crosswinds are tough in Arizona.  Well I say Bring It On!  Again, what an experience!

40 more days until Ironman Arizona!  I am Really Lucky to be Able to Do This!

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  1. Thats what I call "training". Anything can happen out there, but you hope to get it out of the way before race day. You're going to be ready for IMAZ. could always have called Johnny's Roadside Assistance!" ;)