Thursday, November 6, 2014

9 Days Left Until Ironman Arizona - Oh Boy!

Last year with my registration letter!
The feelings of coulda, woulda, or wished, basically all the worrying about maybe if I did more of this or that I would be better prepared has subsided.  My friend Charlie reminded me there is no sense in worrying because I can't do anything about what might or might not happen, so why bother worrying.  I think I was getting myself all caught up in the moment and needed to step back.  I am glad Charlie put me in the right frame of mind.  Right now, I am super excited and pent-up with different emotions that are about to explode, like a caged tiger waiting to pounce. 

Irene finished her 3rd NYC Marathon
I knew I had to invest some time into finishing an Ironman but swimming 81 miles. biking over 2100 miles and running 518 miles all in one year was very unexpected.  That's a lot of time to be in the water, pedaling or pounding the pavement.  Thank God, my focus was on how lucky I was to get to swim another 100 yards, bike or run another hour.  Knowing how lucky I am to be able to do what I get to do and share it with my family is a real gift.  Especially understanding how precious and short life can be.  Might as well live it all out as it should be.  We have no time to worry about something that might or might not happen.  As Nike one marketed, Just Do It!  More importantly, being married to the most wonderful wife, Irene, made it easier when I was gone for hours.  The kids were fantastic with being patient and waiting for me and Irene (She did the New York City Marathon last Sunday!)

Skipping a workout can be very easy.  Many times, I wanted to skip a workout and so glad I did not.  Other times, I was really tired and had to miss a workout.  And Coach Danielle Sullivan kept me on course by making adjustments.  There was a big gap with my running due to Tendonosis that developed in my right Achilles.  She and I made it work and now I feel 100% to run.  I will do my best during the last leg of the race!

Can you believe it, 354 days ago, Irene and I traveled to Tempe Arizona to volunteer at a water station so that I can register for Ironman Arizona 2014.  It seemed so far away then and yet only 9 days away!

If you have time, you will be able to track me at and they have an app you can download

Also you can see how I am doing at and choose Ironman Arizona.  I am Bib# 2675

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  1. You have worked SO hard and you are READY!!! So excited!!! :-) It's been great being a part of your preparation and I am so happy that you have opened my eyes to helping out for a great cause with Island Harvest!