Friday, December 26, 2014

My Favorite Moment of 2014

Comment Below with your Favorite Moment of 2014?
2014 was Epic! As I think about the past year, there were so many special moments with my friends and family. From watching Zachary's face as he scrolled down the placement list of this duathlon to find out he had a top 10 performance, to watching Elijah in his gymnastics show which he made it look so effortless, to Emily pursuing her culinary career when she was so excited to help out in the kitchen of a real restaurant, to when I saw Irene's eye change from "I can't do it" an Ironman to "I am going to be an Ironman" herself as we sat in the Bench and watched our friends cross that finish line at Ironman Lake Placid. All great moments!

Many would think crossing the line at Ironman Arizona, and having Mike Reilly say, "Noah Lam, New York, You're and Ironman! Congrats, Noah!" would have been the highlight of the year.

Actually, My Favorite Moment of 2014 happened early in 2014. I was happy to go for a run alone in the snowfall. As I looped back, I looked over my shoulder and notice someone else enjoying a run. I said to myself, "that guy is crazy to go out to run." Then I recognized the running gait and it was Zachary. I paused and was reminded of how lucky I am to be able to be breathing, be living life to the fullest and be able to share it with someone I love. He was so excited to do his Ninja Shadow Running without me know that we was following me. As we ran back home, it was only our foot steps in the snow 

I would love for you to share your favorite moment of 2014 below.

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