Tuesday, June 7, 2011

P90X-Day 1-Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X-Round 2

Now that the Vermont City Marathon is crossed off my calendar, Irene and I started another round of P90X today.  Originally, I was thinking of doing Insanity, but I felt that with all the running that I will be doing for my training for the Steamtown Marathon and Irene doing the Wineglass Marathon, that was going to be enough cardio along with the cardio incorporated with P90X.  I still wanted to achieve an overall good shape. 

I slightly modified the Classic by taking out Plyometrics and Kempo because I really wanted to work on my speed work and run longer.  I also added another X Stretch Session into the week.  In my last race, I ran out of steam by the half way mark.

Since we have not really done any upper body work for almost 8 weeks, today's Chest and Back was a little tough.  We start with the same reps and weights, which was a good start.  We continued our success and will amped for the next 90 days!

Some final words, Mason Twist always gets me!

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