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What Exercises to Do If You are Diabetic-Exercises for Diabetics?

In a previous article I wrote about a little about diet and nutrition for Diabetics. I am not an expert with a bunch of degrees and letters behind my last name, but I am a son who is really concerned about the health of my Dad. I do my best to research and explain to my Dad, what he can do to stick around, especially for the Grandkids!

Him being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes is not the worst thing in the world as long as he manages his diet and exercise. So here are some things about exercise and Diabetes. In addition, you should consult your healthcare team to review your exercise requirement to prevent, reverse or manage your diabetes.

When you exercise, your body needs extra energy in the form of glucose (fuel) for the exercising muscles. For quick forms of exercise like a short sprint to catch the elevator or train, your liver can release some glucose. However, as you continue to exercise, your muscles will want to use glucose at approximately 20 times the normal rate, which should lower the blood sugar levels.

Now for intense exercises, your body is being stressed and tells your body to increase the available blood sugar to feed your muscles. Diabetics must check their blood sugar levels to increase or decrease it. If your blood sugar is too high, then you should wait to exercise.

There are plenty of exercises that anyone can do including diabetics. It can be Aerobic or, Resistance/Strength Training. Here are a few examples of aerobic exercises;
· Walking is simple and easy, and for the most of us, it is something that is natural to do. Now for it to be beneficial to combat diabetes, you need to walk a little faster where your heart rate is raised for an extended period of time.
· Biking. Spinning is a growing class.
· Swimming. If you can find a pool, you get all of your muscles involved with swimming.

Here are some examples of resistance that will help increase muscle and reduce body fat;
· Walking with simple weights will increase the intensity of the workouts
· Good old fashioned lifting iron. Go light in the beginning!
· Stretching will help with the flexibility.

A great example to get your sweat on are with programs like P90X, which includes a variety of aerobic and resistance training with simple dumbbells or bands. Insanity is another program that is very intense on the cardio and uses your own body for resistance. Turbofire combines different programs to get the results you want.

Tips to stay on track with your exercise program
· Communicate with your healthcare team on where you are with your exercise program to help you manage it.
· Keep track of your sugars and ketones.
· Know how different exercises effect your blood sugar levels.
· Start slow and gradually increase the intensity.
· Schedule to exercise 3 to 4 times per week, with a warm up of 5-10 minutes, workout 30 to 40 minutes and cooldown 5-10 minutes.
· Wear the proper workout gear and shoes.
· Workout with a partner, especially one that has diabetes. Because they understand the importance also.
· Be aware of your body and any injuries that may occur. Don’t be a macho man or woman!
· Hydrate before and after exercise to avoid dehydration.
· Be active all the time, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car at the end of the parking lot, lose the remote control and get up to change the channel (wait, should you be watching TV?). These short minutes add up and burn calories.

Some benefits of being active;
· Activity burns glucose and therefore lower blood sugar
· Increases flexibility making it easier to exercise
· Working out reduces stress
· Being active increases your energy levels
· Exercise increases good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) for a healthier heart

Make your commitment now! So your friend and family will benefit from your commitment to your life! Contact me to get you started on a Fitness or Nutrition Program and/or visit or for more information.


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