Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After 66 days, Now I feel like an Ironman

I have the Manhattan Half Marathon this weekend, so today I did some speed work to loosen up the legs with some catch up repeats.  Basically, I did 6x400 at a 8:57 pace.  I can do them faster, but I am still a little gun shy about pushing it since most of last year, my Achilles really acted up with tendonosis, so I really felt that I did not train enough for the run part of Ironman Arizona.  In fact, throughout my running career of 6 plus years and counting, each year, I have had to deal with some kind of injury.

Even though, Mike Reilly spoke into the microphone, "Noah Lam, New York, You're and Ironman, Noah, Congratulations".  Crossing the finish line in Tempe left me wanting.  I diminshed my accomplishment because I could not "run" the entire race.  So for 66 days, I have had that thought haunting me that I was not good enough.  Even with the support of my family, friends, Cactus Buddies, my Wildwood Warriors Triathlon Team, Iron Fit Endurance Team, and complete strangers, I felt like I did not earn the title, Ironman.

It was a strong workout, my ankle felt good to go for this weekend. As I hung up the sweaty shirt that I wore today for my workout in the locker, I then realized the mDot was facing me.  I smiled and finally came to grips that I did my best and I did earn the title, Ironman.  While I tell everyone that being an Ironman was about the journey, it really sunk in today, that it is really about the journey.

So the next chapter in this Blog will be about getting to the next level with my running and I have set my sights on qualifying for the 2017 or 2018 Boston Marathon by making my the 2016 or 2017 Chicago Marathon the race to make it.  It depends on the scheduling and timing.  I might have to adjust it, but I am going to Boston one way or another!  And more importantly, I will earn this jacket!

This year and next will also be about my role as Sherpa for Irene as she takes on 2016 Ironman Lake Placid.

I will be back in 2018 for my next Ironman, either Boulder or Wisconsin!

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  1. So glad you can feel like you earned that Ironman title, because you did! Im looking forward to an injury-free year of running for you this year!!