Saturday, June 20, 2015

Runner's World Cover Seach for Noah Lam #RWCoverSearch #833

My friend forwarded me a post about a contest to be on the Cover of Runner’s World Magazine and suggested that I put my “mug” on it. I’m like, “who wants to see this face?” All I did was sign up for the 2008 New York City Marathon and have kept running since. I thought it was nothing out of ordinary. I’m just an average guy.
But my friend said I deserved to be on the cover because of what I have done to transform myself and family by getting them involved with running. Now everyone in my family has done a triathlon- my wife is even training for an Ironman in 2016! He reminded me of my hardships of being told that I might never run again after herniated my back so bad that I was about to have surgery, having a seizure that disrupted my life and then going all in to do an Ironman.
He said that he could not think of a better person to be on the cover because I have inspired others to be better not only in regards to their health, but also inspired others to be better people and to get fit for themselves and their families. That is how you are going to create a healthier world for our children to step into!
The pictures that my friends love are the ones of me and my wife or me and my family. Actually, if I were to win, I would want my family to be on the cover with me. I wouldn’t be running if it were not for them. There are a few pics from the finish line that I thought would be great.
So now my Running Hat is in the ring for the Runner’s World Cover Search Contest which I have been assigned #833. You can vote by sharing on Facebook and Tweeting that you voted for me by using #RWCoverSearch #833.
You can vote for us once a day at Please bookmark it, vote every day and share the link to your friends and family!

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