Thursday, May 28, 2015

New York City Marathon Training Day 80 - Huffing and Puffing at the Track

Today, I hit the track at Suffolk Community College which has an infield of real grass slightly browning from the heat and sun.  A kid and his Dad was practicing with a soccer ball.  A few runners were doing loops and a few sprinters were striding on the far end doing 100 meters at a time.

Unfortunately I was short on time as I had to get on a conference call in less than an hour.  I warmed up with a mile easy run then did some short drills. then proceeded to do 
400 - 800 - 400 - 400 - 800 - 400 intervals with a full recovery in between.

There was a tailwind blowing south to north as I started down the first 200 yards, then I had to fight the wind going back to the starting point.  I was really tough and I could feel that I could not go any faster without puking or fainting.

By the last interval, I was sucking wind.  One of the sprinters reminded me to breathe through my nose and it helped slow my breathing down.

Irene made it to the track about an hour later and saw me do my last loop.  She was going to work out with our coach and team mates, while I had a conference call with Team for Kids for Mentors,

Cool that I have an opportunity to Mentor a new class for Team for Kids!!!

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