Wednesday, March 2, 2011

P90X-Day 44-Plyometrics

"Man O Manischewitz!" as Tony Horton puts it!  My thighs are on fire, as we did a bunch of squat jumps and other moves to basically make your legs stronger and perform better.  In addition, you are huffing and puffing for that all important cardio.

My only issue is that I tweaked my right knee doing Hot Foot.  Hot Foot basicially burns out your calves as you hop on one leg-front back side to side for 30 seconds on each leg, but as soon as my knee feels funny, I just modify and make alternate hops on each leg.  By the way, I am always amazed at Eric who wears a prosthetic on his right leg.  So when I feel my knee go, I think, it's not so bad.

We are almost half way done with P90X, and enjoying the results.  Only 16 more days for 60 day update and pictures.

Plyometrics is the X in P90X!


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