Saturday, March 19, 2011

P90X-Day 60-Yoga X and Updated Pictures

Day 1

Day 30

Day 60

The P90X results are in, Irene and I are very happy with the progress.  With each phase we are stepping down towards our slimmer selves.  At Day 30, we have noticed alot of changes.  Now at Day 60, our clothes just hanging off our bodies. 

I was in a rest room washing my hands when I looked up at the reflection, and I said to myself, who is that person wearing oversized clothes.  It look like I was wearing a tent.

Next month, we are looking forward to doing our part to help the economy by going on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe and donating about a truck load of Extra Large Clothing.

Yoga X still kicks my butt.  Crane is still a struggle.  I really enjoy the challenge everytime it shows up on the DVD.  Just make sure I don't fall on my face.

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