Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ironman Training - First Bike Threshold Test

    I wasn't sure want to expect as I reviewed my plan that my Coach upload to Training Peaks.  I then printed it so I can see what I needed to do and placed the printout next to my laptop.  I went onto YouTube and found a Bike Training Video that was an hour long and maximized it on my screen.  Turned on the fan, which was louder than my trainer!
    As I sat on the Test Saddle from Cobb, thinking I hope I do not get numb testing this new seat.  I think it in the best position as possible and felt comfortable.  I think I might have a winner!  Then I mounted my watch onto the bike mount and pressed start.  It picked up the cadence meter and my heart rate monitor and I slowly peddled for the warm up as prescribed for 10 minutes.  Now the test...
    Effort #1: 8 minutes MAX effort. Gradually ramp up the power during the first 45 sec-1 minute, then hold your max power for the entire 8 minutes. This should HURT, but try to maintain your power througout the interval. Give it all you have left on the last minute!! **Record avg HR and Avg Power (If you have a power meter) RECOVER by spinning SUPER easy for 10 minutes!
    Effort #2: Same as #1, this is your MAX effort! Gradually ramp up the power and hold it for the entire interval! Give it your all for the last minute!!!
    With all the huffing and puffing, about half way through all I thought about was that this was going to make me stronger and ready for IMAZ!  I am no stranger to training hard.  This is the first time someone will be review and critiquing my workouts.  Having another set up eyes will help me get to the next level.  I know I do it for other companies and business that reach out to me to help them grow and this is the first time that I actually hired someone to do the same for my fitness journey.

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