Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ironman Training - Surprise - My Favorite Run of 2014

Before heading out the garage, I searched for my running gloves and of course, I could not find them!  They must be visiting the missing sock land,  I opted to rummage and pillage the Basket of Orphaned Kids Socks, and found a pair of missed match socks to don over my hands for a make-shift mittens.   "Zachary, you want to run a little?" I asked.  He hesitated and then replied, "Sure."  However, he was focused on some game on the XBOX.  I smiled, sighed and didn't wait.  It will be just me and my thoughts for about a half an hour. I figured a slow jog around the Stony Brook University Stadium and back will take about that much time.  What I thought was going to be a simple 30 minute easy run turned out to be my Favorite Run so far in 2014. 

It's been a long time since I have run in the snow, that I forgot how cool it really is.  I was dreading the possibility falling on my butt with the light snow fall and the roads still slick from the melting and refreezing.  I make shorter strides than normal and plus my coach said to make it easy as I would be running for an hour and 45 minutes tomorrow. 

I've run this path at least a dozen times, and it was interesting to see the different imprints in the snow.  I noticed a few people dragging their feet.  Others looking like they were walking like ducks, typically for those who oversupinate.  (I  probably got that wrong)  About this time, my mind blanks out, and I focus on my breathing and effort, but I mind fell in and out of Zen like moments to recognizing the friction and frictionless footing under my feet.

As I returned towards the train station, I looked back and noticed someone else running, and I said to
myself, "That guy is just as crazy as I am for running."  As I slowed to make the turn into the parking lot, I realized that person in the red hoodie, was my son, Zachary.  I stopped and waited for him to run about 50 yards to meet up with me.  "Does Mom, know you came out?"  I asked.  "Yeah.. You didn't know I was behind you?  Every time you turned around, I hid behind the snow, like a Ninja.  Was I a Ninja?"  He said.  I laughed and replied, "Yes you are a Ninja, a Running Ninja!"

We ran back home, and I felt so lucky thinking that my son can always be my running partner.  No matter how many marathons or even upcoming Ironman events can ever top running with my wife or kids.  Again, I never thought lacing up a pair of running shoes would have such an effect on my family, the lives of the people I know and don't know.


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