Friday, February 14, 2014

Ironman Training - Conversations with My Sports Doctor

Besides the usually ailments, since I decided to start running.  Usually my hip, knee, and heel are the usual suspect.  But now that I have signed up for the Ironman Arizona, November 16, 2014.  I've been noticing a clicking to my right shoulder, because of the swimming.  It was time to visit a Sports Doctor and I decided to visit Dr. Ken Nuss.  Seems like he's been treating many athletes and some of them have recommended visiting him.  

He started with some questions, and then did an evaluation.  He observed me as I twisted, bent, touched my toes.  During the evaluation, he had me do a knee lift with my eyes closed, and I asked, "Are you going to catch me, if I fall?"  He said, "No.  I am not going to catch you.  You can put your foot down."  And I started to laugh, that was an obvious thing to do if you start falling,

Next he started treating my shoulder.  Rubbing and looking for the clicking.  He started to look for the muscle near my armpit, and I started to squirm.  Since anyone poking at your armpit should make you wince.  Dr. Ken then said, "Get use to it!"  

Words to live by as I train for my Ironman from Dr. Ken Nuss...
"No. I am not going to catch you." and 
"Get use to it!"

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