Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New York City Marathon 2015 Training Day 24 - Run Easy

First Run of April 2015

Today, I ran around the boys track practice.  The Track was occupied by a high school meet. so the team hopped the fence to the lacrosse field and ran on the astroturf.  The turf was really soft, and I actually prefer the pavement because I can push off.  At the same time it's easier on the joints.

Coach Danielle is still having me in base building mode, which is keeping my running easy.  What I find is that I still want to go harder and it's hard to run slow.  It's really important to dial it down during this period before building up faster.  I think next week I have a recovery week.

Well I looked at my watch at the end.  I figured my easy run would be about a 10+ minute per mile, but it seems that my easy runs have dropped under that 10 min mile mark and in fact I feel can probably run faster.  If a 9:33 pace is somewhat easy, I think that is a good sign.  Again, I am suppose to run easy to build up my legs for the harder workouts to come.

I remember when a 12 min pace was hard, but dropping 70 lbs does really help get you faster.  My back does not hurt, my joints do not hurt has much.  I still do have to watch my calves.  They still are getting sore,

My goal for the NYC Marathon is a 8:30 pace, and there were a few loops that were 8:00 :)   

It's a long road. 212 Days to Go!

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