Saturday, May 9, 2015

New York City Marathon Training Day 61 - Head Over Heels!

My family is part of a great triathlon team, the Wildwood Warriors, and in the group there is a contingency appropriately named Vamps.  Lead by my friend, Christina who gathers early risers prior to sunrise to get feast on their workouts and start the day strong.  In fact, that is how I got involved with WW, but that is another story.

Irene and I saw a post by Christina about riding around our University starting at 5:00am.  Since Irene was schedule to do a 35 mile bike ride, it made sense to join our Vamp Friends.  So Irene commented that she would join, which means I would go along, and enough time before Elijah had to do this 5K race.

At 4:15am the alarm clock buzzed once and I turned on the light on my nightstand and said to Irene, "We got to go!"  She hopped out of bed and put on her riding gear.  We both prepped our bike gear and rolled out around 4:50 as we headed into the mist and darkness to congregate with our teammates.

At 4:52 am, I looked over my left shoulder to make sure Irene was behind me and she wasn't.  As soon as I turned my head forward, I was heading towards the side of the road.  With the application of the brakes, my eyes widened as I looked at the ground in front of the bike, then I noticed my legs hovering in the sky as my bike made an appearance in the memory snapshot before landing on me.  Surprisingly, I kicked the TARDIS off of me, as laid on the ground for a moment.  Yes, I fell Head Over Heels for Irene, again!

"Are you ok?" as Irene wheeled up.  I mumbled, "Yeah." in disbelief at what happened.  "I'm ok." as I stood to gather my bearings feeling a throb in my left hip and below my right knee.   I took another minute to assess myself to make sure I can still ride.  Without batting an eyelash, Irene was down the block.  I did a mental, "Really!"

Eventually, I roll up with the Vamps chuckling at my mishap.  

Around mile 15, we paused for a break and I looked at my gash.  It looked like my scrapes were clotted up, and we continued on.   Later on, after cleaning myself up, it looks like the TARDIS' big ring slashed at me.

The Vamps managed a 55/56 mile bike followed by a 45 minute run.  Irene had a PR of 36 hilly miles and completed her workout with a 20 minute run off the bike.  She did fantastic!

A great training day!  I am so proud of her!!!  And Elijah had a strong pace of 10:08 min mile.  Now off to Mother's Day for Irene's Mom!

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