Monday, May 25, 2015

New York City Marathon Training Day 77 - Getting our Wet Suit on for Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, my triathlon team started our day with a swim at Wildwood Lake.  The last time I did open water swimming was when I did Ironman Arizona and that was almost 6 months ago.  Since then, I have swum a few times in the pool, but nothing substantial to maintain my swim fitness.  Irene on the other hand had been going to a masters swim class twice a week and she has been kicking butt.
I am always so amazed with Irene.  She has really improved in all areas of triathlon.  A couple of years ago, she could barely swim!  Now she swims much better than me!
Irene and I squeezed into our Xterra Wetsuits, which was easier than I thought it would be.  I guess the winter has not expanded our waistlines too much :)  For me, running has been the priority as most of you know.  For Irene, she has been working hard with Tri Training!
My concerns about the water temperature disappeared as soon as my tippy toes touched the edge of the water.  It wasn't that bad as I reminded myself of how refreshing swimming in open water can be, especially in our lake!

Our teammates gathered around to take a picture and off we went to the other side of the lake.  About 20 of us dipped our heads into the water breathing one side or the other side.  For me, I could feel the drag that my swim fitness has plummeted from not wanting to swim and my shoulders started to ache.

I kept my strokes and breathing steady to make sure I did not panic, but about 1/4 towards the otherside, the glare made me pause and tread water for a few seconds to see where I was going.  I could not see where the sign was that I would normally swim towards.  At the same time, my season opening sea sickness started to kick in as it has for the past 2 years.  It usually subsides as the season progresses, but that queasy first feeling is uncomfortable.
I stopped about 3/4 to the otherside and stopped.  Irene was nearby with Jackie.  I yelled over, I am heading back.  She and Jackie headed towards the farside of the lake.  About 10 minutes later I was back on dry ground. 

I stripped out of my wetsuit and waited for Irene!  She was all smiles with her Orange Swim Buoy in tow. She swam really well and ready to take on her next race!

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