Saturday, October 24, 2015

7 Days to go started 7 years ago towards the NYC Marathon #3

I wanted to give you a quick update with 7 days to go until my 12th Marathon and third time doing the New York City Marathon.  This time, I have been the least injured out of the past 7 years of this adventure.   In 2008, I only knew a couple of people who have run 26.2 miles.  This year, I will be running with hundreds of people I know, and that even includes a couple of Ironman Arizona Finishers from last year.

Originally, I was suppose to run this race back in 2012 with Irene, but I herniated my back a month prior to the race.  Then Hurricane Sandy canceled the big show for Irene.  The damage I did to my back was bad enough that the neurosurgeon wanted to cut me open and take God given OEM parts out of my body.    Irene and I decided to do the race in 2014, and she did great last year.  My journey took a detour when I had a seizure in 2013.  Eventually. I was healthy enough, I decided to do an Ironman in 2014 and moved this race to this year.  Yes, it's been a very interesting journey thus far... 

Last weekend, The Lam's we participated in the 3rd Annual Wildwood Warrior Team Triathlon race sans the Daughter (who seems to have a passion to work instead).  About 10 Warriors braved the brisk H20 of Wildwood Lake, which included Irene, as the boys and I watch from shore.   I did do the bike and swim parts of the race.  After, I crossed the finish line, I ran back on to the course to see how Irene and Vanessa were doing.  Irene was smiling as I ran with them for the last 1 mile.   

More importantly we did this race, so that the boys can do their Junior Wildwood Warrior Duathlon.  They did incredible and we are so proud of them!  The next day, I received a message from my team mate, Marlo and I was like, "was this message for me?"  The message made me think about how important what we do with our kids. I thought about what I started 7 years ago and how it has benefited the boys as well as my daughter, even if she does not participate as much as her brothers do.  She does bike to work, and that is good enough for me.  We shall see if she will do an Ironman, with me, Irene, and her brothers.  Estimated Ironman date would be 2023 when Elijah turns 18 years old.  Well, she has plenty of time to graduate from college, have her career and cook Thanksgiving Dinner from her Kitchen Skills learned from her Culinary School and working from the Top Restaurants in the World.

On November 1st, Sunday.  Remember to "Fall" Back by turning the clock back by 1 hour for daylight savings time, and at 10:15am EST, my foot will cross the start line at the bottom of the Veranzano Bridge in Staten Island and my estimate that my timing chip will trigger that I cross the finish line by 2:45 pm.  If you want a better estimation or plan on a betting pool or just cheer from the sidelines, at home, at work, on your run, on your bike trainer, or by playing Yahtzee.  You can follow me with the TCS New York City Marathon Tracking App.  It worked well last year and technology has become better and better!  Here is the link.

Again, running for Team for Kids has been an honor.  I've said it before, TFK got this incredible journey started in 2007.  Move to 2015, I have made new friends from my own neighborhood to across the country who are healthier today than they were a few years back.  Thank you for supporting Team for Kids and allowing me to share this adventure with you.  I am still working to help as many kids as I can.  Please visit

Have an awesome rest of the week!


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