Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Laces and Shoes for the 2016 New York City Marathon

I will be wearing the Saucony Mirage 5 running shoes with Lace Locks for the 2016 New York City Marathon!

I've been wearing the Mirage model for the past 2 1/2 years.  As I got more efficient with my running, I focused on landing mid foot.  The lower heal to toe height is 4mm help with this landing.  Unlike my Previous shoes, the Asics Kayano that has a 12 mm height.  I would land on my heels which caused more problems to my hips and knees.  For me as I focused on landing more midfoot, I started to have calve tightness, and the knee issues disappeared.  But I think the calf issues were cause because I tried to transition to midfoot too fast in the beginning.  Now that I am use to it, I am running the strongest ever.  

Sorry Asics  :(

The bungee material in the Lace Locks stretches the right amount for my feet without feeling too loose or too tight! And I don't have to double knot my laces.   I started to wear Quick Laces for a quicker transition times in my triathlons.


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