Friday, October 9, 2015

Compression for the New York City Marathon

This year with my legs cramping up starting around mile 13.  So, for the last few long training runs I have worn compression socks to get ready for the TCS New York City Marathon.   

I remember thinking I would never wear knee high socks with shorts, and as I got focused on improving my running, I did not care!  Cramps really put a damper on a run.  In fact, I have had to cut a run short because of these cramps.  

Now, I am making sure I do my stretching daily, and dialing in my electrolytes and hydration.  Experience does help!

I am so happy that Irene order me a pair of Pro Compression Marathon Compression Socks last year, but I seldom wore them. Mostly because last year  I was training for Ironman, and my leg issues stemmed from an Achilles injury so I never ran that much to feel leg cramps.  This year has been run focused and boom! Cramps!  My darn calves were misfiring from being so fatigued.  I can't remember ever running this much at the same time running this well!

Pro Compression socks have the right thickness for my calves and stay up.  I have used others, but they just slip down.  This month, Irene decided to get a rainbow of colors!  

Guess which color I will be wearing for the NYC Marathon?

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