Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In the Saddle with the Adamo Time Trial

So when I purchased my Triathlon Bike, it came with the Prologo Nago Evo Tri40 saddle.  While I have ridden several hours on it, I felt or I should say my Butt felt the need to test out a different seat and get more comfortable in preparation of hours of riding for the months ahead of me.  My estimation for the the bike portion of my Ironman will be about 6 to 8 hours.  That is a long time for anyone to sit, and a really long time to sit on basically a rail with some padding, so might as well test out different seats.

I heard great things about the comfort from a brand called Adamo by ISM Seat.  A bunch of my friends are using it, and as I researched further, I realized there were different models to choose from.  They have a seat finder and I began to narrow the choices for a performance, triathlon, flat and Ironman distance.  It looks like if I chose hills, the options change, so I will take on the Time TrialModel first

After a bike clinic at my bike shop, Carl Hart.  I decided to take the test model home.  It was easy to swap out, but I still needed to position the saddle correctly.  So I visited the ISM site and watched the video for tips.  Unlike a normal saddle with a single nose, the Adamo splits the nose and widens the split nose to accommodate the sit bones which is all you need to sit.  Basically the muscles and fat are there for cushion when you sit on a chair, but for a bicycle, you don't really need your muscle and fat that is attached to your butt.

I made the seat adjustments as best I could and began an interval type of ride.  While, I was thinking it would feel like I would be sitting in my Herman Miller Office Chair.  It did feel better than the Prologo saddle, but after a half an hour, I noticed that my right ____ was getting a little numb.  So I moved around and readjusted.  

Overall, it was better than other my current seat, and I will test out another Adamo models and keep making adjustments and fine tuning my experience as I train for my races.

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