Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Road ID - Who Am I - Safety Tips when Training

There was a recent story of Rynn Berry, 68, who collapsed from a cardiac arrest after  jogging in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  The scary thing was that he was unconscious at New York Methodist Hospital for several days until his half-brother, Charles, identified him.   Unfortunately, he did not carry any identification with him so that they can contact his family sooner.  It was only until the authorities released his picture to the public that anyone knew that the Vegetarian Expert was missing.  In fact, a friend posted his picture on my Facebook Wall, so that I can share the picture to the different running groups that I belong to help identify him. 

Many professional and amateur athletes never think that a short run, bike or swim will finish in a hospital.  It's the last thing anyone thinks about.  In fact as more and more people are getting fit and training for different races, the odds are that you might get into an accident with car.  Or what do you do if you slip and fall and hit your noggin.  Who will anyone know who to call.

It's more and more important to prepare, regardless of how long you will be out.  If it's 5 minutes to 6 hours, it only takes a few minutes to prepare.  1.  If you can, let someone know where you will be going and for how long.  If you don't come back by the time you suggested, they should start worrying and they at least know where you might have gone.  2.  Bring your Cell Phone.  While it is a pain to carry a cell phone, if something bad happens you can still call someone to pick you up.  3.  Hydrate.  Either carry a water bottle with your favorite hydration liquid, stash your water along the route, or bring money or a credit card to buy something at the store.  4.  Most important is to carry some kind of identification and emergency contact info. 

I use to carry my wallet and a credit card in case something happened or I needed to get something to eat during a long run.  Then I got use to running without.  That is why I am so happy that my wife bought me a Road ID bracelet.  I started not to carry anything, because I did not want to be weighed down with anything.  So when I received my gift.  It was the perfect gift for me.  Basically it's a ID bracelet that has customized print laser etched on to the metallic plate.  It has my name, my wife name and phone and my mothers info.  It gives my wife a peace of mind.

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