Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sayville Running Company 10 Mile Run to the Brewery

This awesome race was filled with many runners who ran the local streets.  At first, we all ran past and then away from the Blue Point Brewing Company, around the towns of Blue Point and Bayport, and finally back towards the brewery. In the title of the race, I figured the run would be a point to point race.  In reality it was a nice "loop." 

Irene and I were greeted by many friends at the race, which is always cool.  We got to put a face to different Facebook friends as well, which is even cooler.  Most of them were at least 2-5 minutes faster than us, and they took off as soon as the timer started. 

Many of the runners have trained on the course during the weeks leading up to the race.  Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow for me to get to know all the lefts and rights.  Actually, I prefer running on a course that I have never done before.  The adventure of doing something new always keeps the left and right fresh.  I have run on the South Shore of Long Island and it is usually flat, which was a perfect long run to start 2014 with as I build my base for my Ironman race in November.

I did my best to run the course in tangents like I normally do during a long run, basically to reduce the actual miles during the race, especially with all the corners I encountered during this race.   I must have saved at least a 1/2 mile overall during this chilly day.  

Both Blue Point and Bayport are quaint Long Island suburban neighborhoods that include very small and very large homes along the tree lined streets.  The best scenery during the race was a left turn onto Newport Street, that opened up to the Great South Bay.  You can see Fire Island in the Distance.

During the race, I thought about what is going to happen in 2014 and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.  The last mile I quickened my pace a little, which slowed after mile after mile.  I noticed that my untrained legs were feeling tired as they should be since I have not been running as much as I should for a 10 mile race.  Never-the-less, I love challenges.  The good thing is that I have lost 12 pounds with some swimming, biking, very little running, and Focus T25 over the past 6 weeks, and that really helped the pounding on the joint that comes from running.

As I cross the finish line I stopped the watch around 01:45:43.  I wanted to make sure I broke 2 hours and I was also thinking of breaking 01:50.  Which I did with out stopping.  Actually, I hesitated at Mile 6.3 for some Gatorade because I did not want to spill any onto my glove.  Staying dry is important.  Normally I would not care about getting wet, but temperatures close to freezing does not make for a fun run.  Anyway, a bunch of little plastic 6oz cups were filled with water a few yards from the finish.  I grabbed a cup and walked back on the course to cheer on Irene on her finish.  She did a great 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We walked back to the Brewery who had a Tent set up with refreshments that included, soda, cakes, sandwiches, fruit and of course Beer!  A live band was jamming away in the middle of the tent.  We grabbed some goodies for the kids and headed home.  It was  good run.