Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ironman Training - Rain, Ceased Treadmill and Sucked Up Mickey Long Sleeve

So I was about to do my run workout tonight, only to turn around and tell Irene that I was heading to the gym.  Yes, I wimped out at running in the cold rain.

Today was about drills and intervals.  So I started to warm up and did my first set of drills and as a recovery a slow jog.  I hopped on the treadmill and got going on my recovery and I was warming up.  So I pulled off my Disney Marathon Long Sleeve, and put it on the hand rail.  As I ran, the bouncing jostled my Mickey Mouse Shirt with ripped up sleeve from my first bike crash and my eye watched my shirt fall.  It hit the mat and fell behind me.  Then the shirt got sucked up back into the machine and the treadmill ceased up.

I tugged and pulled to get my beloved long sleeve, but it was jammed in there.  I lowered my head and walked to the front desk to tell the clerk what happened.

Well, I got on the next treadmill to finish my workout, and doing intervals seems like a good idea, until I cranked up the treadmill up to 10.5 mph and having the tread wizzing past my legs was treacherous!

Well I walked back and finished my workout. I rarely go to the gym for the treadmill.  Typically, the membership is used for the pool.