Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ironman Training - PJohnnyX Whips Out His Banana and Nuts in front of my Wife

After I loaded up my bike, I see John make last circle on the street and coasts to me to talk about the ride that we were on.  He is a lot faster than me and is working hard to hit his goal of 11:15 for Ironman Lake Placid next month.

Later that evening, Irene mentioned how lucky guys are with all the pockets that we have on our shorts, shirts, jackets.  It seems like we have pockets for everything.  She then commented some of the stuff that John was packing.

As John was talking to me and Irene, he pulled out a ziplock sandwich bag full of peanut butter.  He bit the corner of the bag and squeezed out half of the peanut butter and then place the rest back in his short side pocket.   He talked about not taking Gu because of the fast carbs and wanting to have sustaining food for the long distances over the day.  All of the sudden that reminded him to show my wife what else he had.  He had Bacon Jerky, Baby Food in a Pouch, and of course he had to whip out his Banana to eat it.

Not to forget salt tabs and Nuun electrolytes in the water bottle and almonds in the Bento Box!  Now I need a Bento Box too to hold my Nuts with my Banana!

Nutrition for an Ironman is very different from a lot of other races! What are your favorite nutritional tips for Ironman Race Day?


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  1. Ooooh, das baaad!

    Very funny blog. But, so true. Nutrition has become a huge thing for me this year. Endurance racing is much more scientific than I ever imagined. While GU works for many, and I was a huge consumer last year, it just didn't seem right for long distances. Caffeine and sugar spikes leading to bonking is just not an option. So, I eat things like sweet potatoes, bacon, nuts, Amrita plant based bars, and dark chocolate, and my own blended peanut butter to fuel for longer burning energy. (BTW, bacon jerky was horrible and definitely off the list now, but Turkey and pork bacon cooked to my crispiness is heavenly....and when my peanut butter and dark chocolate get together, even Reeses doesn't hold a candle!)

    Good luck Noah, a little nutrition goes a long way!