Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ironman Training - First Swim Bike Brick of the Season

Originally, I was going to swim in the Connetquot River and then go for a bike ride.  Since there was rain all night, the Coach decided for us to do some intervals at Gold Gym, which mean a further bike ride to where I do my time trial to see my progress.  I was really hoping to work on my open water swimming since I have my first triathlon of the season on June 1.  Yikes!  I am sure I will do fine, but swimming zig zag and adding distance to a race is not fun!

So we did a few laps in the Salt Water Filtered Pool and I pulled my bike and biked down Rt 111.  I wasn't expecting to pass my old school, St. Mary's.  It still looks the same only smaller.  I recall the spots were I would talk to school mates, play kickball in the parking lot, run around the parking lot for the Presidential Fitness Challenge.  I tried to remember the people I might still have contact with and it's usually via Facebook, now.   It's been a long time with any face to face with anyone from this school.

Then I thought, "No grass?"  My parents invested a lot to put me in to Catholic School and we are not even Catholic.  Regardless, I got a great education and in fact Mr. Arpino is still the Principal there!

So I rode past and headed towards Hecksher Park.  Around the parking lot that we normally start from, I changed gears and dropped the hammer.  I got to a comfortable 20+ mph down the front stretch and eventually going around and feeling the wind and slight incline slow me down.  Eventually I had to really slow down as there was a lacrosse tournament with kids and parents walking across the lanes to get to both sides of the field.  I saw a few jerseys that were from our town, but no familiar faces.  I did a few laps and then headed back.

On my way back, I decided to visit another school that I attended prior to St. Mary's.  The Hewlett School was located nearby and I looked for the entrance but I almost missed it.  The land has been subdivided.  I rode up to a fence and saw the main school building left standing.  It looked like it was being renovated but still needed a lot of work.  Again, it looked a lot smaller than I remembered.  Too bad it no longer is a school.

Over all it was a good ride and I am glad I was able to get that in! With Helmet Hair!

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