Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ironman Training - Torture on the Bike Trainer

So I woke up knowing that I need to spin.  I had a choice of going outside and ride for 60-75 minutes or stay indoors for a 4x10 minute at 140-145 bpm.  I did not feel like prepping the water and all the stuff for an hour ride, so I got some water and a pair of regular shorts, replace my regular skewer with a training skewer and popped my bike on the traininer and hopped on my bike.  

I tried to find the right gear combo to achieve the 140 bpm, but it took almost 6 minutes to pass 140 and by then I was breathing really hard.  At the end, it was a great workout and I wrote in my comments that it was TORTURE!

Her reply, "If you think it was torture, you did it right!"

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