Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Running Streak Day 41 Another Prime Number Day to Streak Out Hunger

For some reason, I've been on a kick to look for prime numbers.  When I go to swim and pick a locker, I choose a locker that has a prime number.  Anyway today happens to be a Prime Number Day for the Running Streak at Day 41.  

Regardless, It was a long day at work with still more stuff to complete and the list that I made in the morning was only a 1/3 done.  I came home thinking that I would do my mile after dinner and after a conference call with my group of go-getters!

I layered up for my run and headed out the garage.  It felt good to feel the brisk air on my face.  As I walked down my dark driveway, I looked up for no apparent reason and noticed Orion up in the sky.  
I was thinking back when I was younger, learning about the constellations.  For what ever reason, I just felt accomplished.


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