Saturday, January 16, 2016

Running Streak Day 52 to Streak Out Hunger for Island Harvest

Today is Day 52 of the Running Streak.  Lately, Saturday's have been my day to get in more than a mile, because I drop my boys off at their Track Practice and I do my own run.  I really wish I could workout with them, but the space is limited, I gave up my spot for their teammates.

Today I zigzagged around the Stony Brook University Campus and planned on a 5 mile run.  Typically, I would run the outside loop, but I wanted to explore and towards the end of my run I found The Umbilic Torus.  It was created by sculptor and mathematician, Dr. Helaman Ferguson. I beleive the Scupture was commissioned by Jim and Marilyn Simons who established the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.   Jim Simons is know for Renaissance Technologies, a leading hedge fund located near the University.   

This Umblic Torus is an impressive 24 foot, 10 ton bronze sculpture sitting in the middle of the campus.  Unless you are a math or physics student, you would never know this thing was here.  My engineering background in me find it a fascinating object and should be seen.  I figure an episode of Doctor Who should be shot here! 

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