Saturday, January 2, 2016

Streak Out Hunger Running Streak Day 38 Palisades Interstate Park

The Last time I was at the Palisades Interstate Park was for the 2014 Escape the Palisades Half Marathon.  All I remember was the hills on the closed off park road.  Today, my friend Wolfgang invited me to run the park.  He mentioned some trails and I was all in.  Recently, I have enjoyed running the woods to mix things up and noticed that my son find this kind of environment a little more adventurous. Irene and Elijah walked around the Englewood Boat Basin area

So we began, climbing a 6 percent climb and my friend reminded me that Selden Hills was 13 percent, so I guess I should be thankful!  As we ran, I noticed that Zachary and running off with Wolfgang and was about 100 meters away, then 200 meters, then 300 meters, 1/2 mile away by my estimates, so I had to pick up my pace. 

Thank God, I saw him run back, because I wanted him to turn around at mile 4 for a maximum of 8 miles, but he turned around mile 3.  I then said to him, lets run another 1/2 mile then turn around because I saw a path going down the cliff to the shoreline of the Hudson River.

So the rest of the group took off and me and Zachary heading down to the shore

We climbed over fallen trees. We ran under fallen trees. We ran around fallen trees.

The running turned into a hike along the shore because of all the rocks and roots on the ground, making it very tricky not to sprain my ankle and that would not be a good thing for my Streak Out Hunger!

The cool thing about trail running is that you find things unexpectedly.  We came upon this abandoned building.  It had some crumbling walls and stairs. I later found out they building was the Undercliff Bathhouse Ruins on the Hudson River.

We finished with Crepes at CU Latte in Tenafly, NJ.

My Saucony Perigrine Trail Running Shoes got a little muddy, but not so bad!

A fun morning running/hiking 7.34 miles!

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