Sunday, January 24, 2016

Running Streak Day 60 in a Blizzard to Streak Out Hunger for Island Harvest

Started the day with cleaning off the rest of the snow on the driveway, clear off Irene's car so she can go to work. Looks like we got about 15 inches total. Then cleared off my car so I can clear out my Dad's driveway, but when we got there, his neighbor helped him. We got some egg sandwiches, grab the sleds, dropped the boys off at the hill and I was going to join them after my run. The run was super slippery and I found Minnesauke Elementary School. Got a call about 16 minutes later, "My feet are too cold." Ran back to the car, and picked up the boys. No more sledding as per their request. Well, I will clear off my desk, put out some invites to my next event. Do some laundry. When Irene gets home do a 90 minute walk as per Coach Danielle. Stay warm and safe everyone!

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