Thursday, January 14, 2016

Running Streak Day 50 to Streak Out Hunger for Island Harvest

Wow, how time flies!!!  I have reached Day 50 of the Running Streak.  Today, I had the privilege to run with my son. As soon as I got home, he's says, I going to go run with you. Today we talked about what he learned in school and talked about winter track and swimming.  It went by fast as we did our loop in 9:38.  

I am so amazed with the generosity of people to help me end hunger.  So please join my Team of Streakers to #streakouthunger or make a donation at

I never thought I would be doing a streak, but it's been fun so far and my legs seem strong.   In addition to this challenge, I am working to drop down to 165lbs. So, I have been more careful with what I am eating and portion control.  Using the 21 Day Fix Containers to guide my daily nutrition along with Shakeology, the progress towards 165lbs has been good.  I am down to 184 from 187 at the start of the 2016.

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