Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Hip to be Healthy and Fit in the New Year

Jonathan Congdon, President of Beachbody
 Choosing to be healthy for your is a very popular New Year's Resolution that will completely transform yourself when done thoughtfully planned out.  You will be amazed by the number of people you will also inspire when you make the change to be fit.
  • Keep that fire burning by writing down your reasons, your Why, to be healthly and fit, for example
    • Be around longer for the kids
    • Be able to hug the kids
    • Be around longer for your spouse
    • Be able to keep up with the kids
    • Be a good role model for your children
    • Fit in that swimsuit
    • Look better, trimmer, or hotter
    • Enjoy a higher level of energy
    • Have a lower blood pressure
    • Have a lower cholesterol 
  • Have a specific Goal that identify's your success, for example
    • Reduction in 3 dress sizes of pant sizes
    • Reduction of weight by 25%
    • Reduction of body fat by 10%
    • Reduction of blood pressure by 15%
    • Reduction of bad cholestorol by 20%
    • Increase eating more vegetables 3 days per week
    • Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator
    • Finishing a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon
  • Have a Timeline, for example
    • By your birthday
    • On a specific date
    • Signing up for a race provides a definitive date
  • With your Why(s), Goals and Timeline in hand, be mindful of how you choose your words
    • You want to be moving towards the goal and good habits, rather than running away from a bad habit.  For example
      • I am quiting smoking vs I am breathing cleaner air
      • I am going to lose 25 lbs vs I will be 175 lbs
  • Create your Exercise Roadmap to reach your Goals within your Timeline
    • Consult your healthcare team to determine the types of exercise program that will work for you
    • Some may respond positively with a gradual increase in activity, while some make jump in the deepend.  Just make sure you avoid injury by overdoing any exercises, remember being healthy is a lifelong lifestyle
    • Get a buddy to walk, run or workout with
    • If you decide on running a marathon, you can find a running plan that will map out how much you should run each day.  Click here to purchase a running plan
    • Working out with an exercise program. Team Beachbody's P90X has been very effective for thousands of people for many years. Click here to learn more about P90X
    • You can find the right workout for yourself with Team Beachbody
  • Create your Eating Roadmap to reach your Goals within your Timeline
    • Consult with your healthcare team or a dietician to help you with your food intake
    • Drink plenty of water.  The recommended daily water intake is at least 6-8 glasses
    • Many people respond positively with small changes like replacing a cookie with a fruit, or switching a can of soda for a bottle of water
    • Replace process foods with real food, like apples or carrots
    • Plan out your meals that will meet your caloric requirements.  Click here to a meal planner.
  • Remember is usually takes time to develop new habits, usually about 12 weeks to solidify the new habit
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