Friday, January 28, 2011

P90X-Day 10-Shoulders and Arms & Ab Ripper X-January 27, 2011

Last night, Mother Nature dumped about 16 inches on my property as I opened the garage door to scope out the workout that was to follow.  I thought to myself, should I do P90X today or let the shovel be my workout.

I finally got to work, and I brought along my youngest child.  He happened to find some old photo's of me and Irene.  I could not beleive how big I was, and I mean big as in wide.  I really need to thank my children for getting me on this fitness kick.  I wish I could have started earlier.

So, Irene and I completed Shoulders and Arms & Ab Ripper X as soon as she got home from work.  Looks like I'll need heavier dumb bells.  I am looking forward to getting rid of my belly fat and show off my abs!

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