Sunday, January 30, 2011

P90X-Day 13-Kempo X & Ab Ripper X and Birthday Cake

This morning, it was rough getting up for my P90X session of Kempo X, however as always it was worth doing.  Lots of kicks and punches.  The back kicks really work the glutes

In the afternoon, we got to share the P90X program with a bunch of friends, and they plan on doing a program to improve thier fitness.  Some wrote down to tone up, another wanted to lose 15lbs and someone wrote his goal was to lose 80lbs.  It's all doable with, and I look forward to their tranformations.

It was my son's birthday.  I was filled with joy when I saw his smile because he was presented with just a simple cake made from love, free of gluten, dairy and eggs.  It's amazing how easy it is to get wrapped with the drama of life and lose sight of how easy it is to be happy.  Thank you Zachary for being who you are, and always remember how easy it can be to be happy.

Your smile provides me with the motivation to be a better person and Dad, and to take better care of myself, just for you, your brother, your sister and Mom.  I love you Zachary.

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